Migraines, eye problems, blackouts

I want to start by saying I am awaiting referral to neurology so not yet diagnosed. Symptoms came on 2+5 weeks ago starting with numbness on left leg. I now have a multitude of new symptoms which are getting progressively worse. I’ve had migraines on and off since 2021 and GP gave me triptans and said cut out caffeine and stress. I’m a teacher for context. Fast forward to now, i have experienced worsening migraines in the past 3 weeks or so. Today I am in so much pain I cannot stand up or lift my head as it makes me physically sick. What should I do? I am currently in limbo awaiting referral but can tell I am worsening as I blacked out this morning whilst getting ready for work. The eye pain only affects one eye which is also where the pain is. Any advice would be so appreciated as I feel trapped.