Headache, eye pain, sore burning head and 10 days in hospital

Hello everyone. Has anyone else experienced the following symptoms ?
About 3 weeks ago I had a sudden headache across my head, in temples and in the back. Within 24 hours I had eye pain and light sensitivity. after a couple of days it then spread to the right side of my face and head ( face remains slightly droopy and I have lost some sensation) I had also had extra painful tingling and cramps in right leg ( I have left foot drop and alot of neuro pain in left side) . some slight tingling when bending neck forward.
I hadnt experienced headache,neck or eye issues since being diagnosed in 2009. GP sent me to A&E with suspected relapse. I had an MRI, it showed ‘abstracts’ in my neck. I waited several days for a neurologist. I didnt actually see one at all. Sent a message to give me a lumber puncture. Then repeat MRI with enhancement. The Opthamologist believed my issue was MS related. Nothing appeared in my MRI or lumber puncture. I was discharged with ? migraine, no meds, no follow up. I am still not able to stand any light ( Ive been wearing sun glasses ever since) I can only sleep on my left side, right and back of head burns and also a throbbing, piercing pain. My eyes hurt when the move and right eye especially painful in the centre.I did notice on my discharge letter it said lesions in brain, lumber etc but the cervical one said C2 C3 and C4 however in my diagnosis letter it states C2, C4 and C5. My GP has been brilliant and has perscribed some migraine meds a a process of elimination. Thank you reading xx

Hi, oh what an awful time you are having sweetheart.

Sending love