Eye pain, blurry, sticky eyelids and more..

Hi there,

New to the site and new to the possibility of MS in my life. Would be super grateful if someone can advise on their experiences/symptoms of MS…

I have been in a terrible way for 4 months now (years of other issues off and on) with balance problems. Told it was ear infection, told it wasn’t, given antibiotics then more even though my ear looked fine. More tablets for vertigo. More tablets for pain/headache and eye pain (right only), more tablets for numbness and perhiperhal nerve hyperexcitability (constant twitching) and the list goes on…

Now my GP has mentioned MS and ruling it out. Do you experience severe eye pain with MS? My eye increasingly feels blurry and I sometimes can’t open my eyelid in the morning very well. Takes ages to focus when I move my head. And the balance problem is a nightmare! Stumbling, constant feeling like I am on a boat or someone pushing me over or to the side. I have had this eye issue for a good couple of months and the balance problems for 4 months. But when I think about it, I think I have always had this problem. Struggled years ago and doctors just told me it was panic attacks.

I have also lost some feeling in both my ankles/feet (outer side) and developed ‘dents’ in lower leg and if I run my finger over this area it sends electic shocks down the side of my feet! This is really unnerving me.

Often I get really sharp pains all down the back of legs to my feet. Back and neck pain out of nowhere. Headaches that last weeks. Feel like my co-ordination is getting increasingly worse and my memory for things is pretty rubbish. Spent the last few months feeling like I can swallow and food getting stuck in my throat. Argh… the worst bit is thinking you are going mad because a lot of the time people can’t see these issues :frowning:

Is this similar to anyone elses experiences?

Really appreciate some thoughts… Thank you!

Hi Trueman!

Sorry you have been going through all that!

Yes you can have severe eye pain with MS - usually through a bout of Optic Neuritis - is this new/recent & have you been to the doctor about ? If not you need to get an appointment asap in case it is ON x

Otherwise all I can say is - at least your GP is now looking at the whole picture and ‘thinking outside the box’ - hopefully he/she is going to work with you to rule things out or in!

Be prepared for a battery of tests! Dig deep because you are going to need a couple of 'P’s - Patience & Persistence!