Might upset. Need advice.

My mum had ms from before i was born, i turn 18 next month and shes hsd it 23 years. She stabalized walking with a frame and 2 carere a say then in the space of 5 months this happened. She went wheel chair bound needing 3 carers then kept getting admittrd to hospital with utis. She then became bedridden but was still there convosation wise.

Slowly she started losinh her mind a bit, forgetting my name yhen remembering it, generally more confused. Then she stopped eating and drinming and not taking her meds Nd i dont know why but i was in care from young so i qasnt allowed to live there and could only visit. 3 weeks ago she started not really veung able to speak and going ill, eyes looling right through you as shw looked around and not remembering who i was.

Now she cant speak, swallow, move and dows not know whats gpimg on in the world. She can only make a kind of gruntkng sound whwn im there but not when anyone elae therw they cant give anything orally because she will choke , they tried to put a feeding tube in her nosw but she pulls them out so thehre doing a assesment to put something in her stomach for food and medication bit its simply a matted of trying tto keep her alive now . I dont know what advice im asking for i just need somw, i dont know what to do or anything. Sorry if this upsets Anyone. And sorry for the spelling and typing

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Hi there & stay positive.

I’m hoping this is why this forum was created. You should give the MS helpline a call.

Is there a wheelchair available for you to get your mother about?

A personal tip from another human. Menthol Vapour rub is great for clearing the air ways. I use that to clear the breathing in whatever situation it’s needed. Fresh air helps the circulation. Hot soup is the start to getting the digestive system going. I’m only giving ideas. Your situation isn’t ideal, but you obviously love your mum & that’s the key. Get in touch with as many helpers as you can & take care out there.

aw somebody

you’re very young to be in this situation.

make sure that you are looking after yourself.

if the carers are around at the weekend, why not call a mate and go out for a couple of hours?

my auntie had severe ms in the 1960’s and went downhill very fast.

i’m hurting for you.

carole xx

Hello, Somebody13575

Please think about calling our free Helpline on 0808 800 8000. They’ll be really happy to talk you though this and are great at listening and if needed, giving advice.

Thanks Puddle & Catwoman

Stewart (admin)

Thankyou for replying,my mum passed away on friday after improving in the day but thankyou.

Hello Somebody13575,

Very sorry to hear of you mum’s passing. Please think about calling our helpline- it would be good to talk to someone who isn’t emotionally attached to the situation and though you seem like a strong and sensible woman- we all need support in such difficult times-

0808 800 8000

Stay strong & with sympathy…

Stewart (admin)

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So sorry for your loss, with deepest sympathy


Thankyou both & i might when im ready.

She’s watching over somebody special for sure. My deepest sympathy.

sincere condolances.


Ah love. What a sad story. When reading your post, I wondered what I could say to help you.

Now I see you have lost your dear mum.

I feel sad for you and hope you can find some solace in the fact that she is now out of pain and suffering.

It is kind of the MS admin staff to offer help.

Look after yourself hun.


so sorry for your loss but think about your mum as being pain-free and at peace.

please look after yourself and phone the ms helpline. the staff there are very helpful.

my love and thoughts are with you.

carole x