Michelle and Frazer and feeling hung over

Busy busy week . Poor Frazer doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going . We have a house full of work men upstairs is a derelict shell. Molly’s bedroom is now outside in the summer house which she has accepted very well saying that she has autism and dislikes change Frazer sleeps there with her every night …He s such a sweet dog and will do anything for Molly. You’d laugh if you saw it all dolls everywhere …The brats and one direction dolls are having a party. Upstairs I can here the men moving wood and rafters and bricks and alsorts…but as I lie in my bed downstairs I haven’t a care in the world …Thanks to 10 diazepam tablets yes 10! Only 2mg ones taken to get me through yesterday’s mri …thank goodness they worked …but today I’m hung over…no head ache but a warm sleepy , not a care in the world feeling. Next week we go away it’s half term we have a week booked in a cottage in Chester near the river see. Why Chester? My friends say. It’s only a stone’s throw from Frodsham…but as many people know autistic people hate change and chester is somewhere Molly loves in fact we all love including Frazer. And it’s wheelchair friendly. Wish me luck …this work with the dormers is going to take all of 12 weeks. I can only afford one week in the cottage but it’s manageable when Molly’s at school. I hope every one else is okay …my life is manic just now but I’m okay. It looks as of my granddaughters, the twin have autism we are just at the beginning of another journey but as Lee says it’s nothing we haven’t done before and we adore them. Take care Michelle and Frazer

Hi Michelle & Frazer,

I just sent you a PM and omg I’m so sorry I totally forgot about you having the workmen in and there’s me saying about you being able to have a rest day - not much chance of that really. At least the after effects of all them Diazepam yesterday is a warm sleepy feeling and not the horrible hangover feeling (I vaguely remember that) but I particularly like the sound of the ‘not a care in the world’ feeling, I think we could all do with a bit of that lol

Aww, bless Frazer he sounds like such a lovely dog and they always say that dogs (& cats) can pick up on things, and they ‘just know’ which is probably why he’s like he is with you and Molly too :slight_smile:

That sounds lovely going away to a Cottage for a week, so what if it’s only down the road for you Chester’s a lovely place and if you all like going there and it’s suitable for you all then why not. I hope you all have a lovely time and the weather stays nice enough for you to handle.

I’m sorry to hear about one of your twin granddaughters and yes, this will be another journey for you and your family but as Lee said it’s nothing that you’ve not dealt with before and as a family you will manage.

Big hugs

Twinkle Toes xx

Hi Michelle

Wow you are busy what with everything going on, rest when you can (and Fraser too).

At least you have got through the mri, fingers crossed it gets you some answers. Holy moly…10 diazapan, I think I would be out cold for quite a while! Having the feeling of not having a care in the world sounds good though, I’ll have a bit of that please.

A break away is always good Michelle, doesn’t have to be far away, it will give you all a much needed boost.

Sorry to hear about the twins, life seems so unfair sometimes, but you will all cope because you are experienced in that area. My best wishes to all of you, enjoy Chester (somewhere I always intended to visit, but never made it…yet)

Pam x

Thanks everyone, it’s actually both twins that are affected by autism , they are identical girls and are absolutely gorgeous. They make me laugh every time I see them, they are so amazing and they are both progressing but at their own little pace. They both have different personalities Laura is the leading twin and Naomi tends to follow her . Naomi seems to have more panic and anxiety but both have delay and can’t cope with certain situations. We think the world of them, they’ve learned to say “nana” and they completely miss out on the Grandad bit it’s just “Leeee” they are so funny they adore Frazer . It’s hard for Rochelle my daughter but she’s amazing with them , she was always brilliant with her autistic siblings and has worked as a senco in a nursery before having Naomi and Laura. It’s not all bad news, with help and support children with autism and aspergers can do very well. Michelle and Frazer xx


Hi Michelle and Fraser, I am so pleased you managed to have your MRI yesterday. I hope you do not have to wait too long for your results. I hope your builders finish your building work quickly as it must be extremely difficult for you. It isn’t just the building work as you will have the huge clean up afterwards. I do hope you have plenty of helping hands but it will be great when it is finished. I don’t suppose Fraser likes the upheaval either. My King Charles spaniel sulks when the cleaner visits! I am sure Fraser is a lot better behaved. Our dog was a rescue and has quite a few insecurities and behaviour issues but we love him to bits. I was sorry to hear about the twins but I am sure you will all cope brilliantly I do admire you. I cared for my severely disabled son for sixteen years and I know how exhausting it can be! I hope you all have a lovely break away. Sue xx

Aw bless, too much going on is just so stressful.

Take care xx

Hope you have a nice holiday Michelle,you have such a lot going on just now,so try rest as much as you can,not easy i know.

I would love a holiday,but sadly they are a thing of the past.Hope your building work gets done soon,i hate people been in my house,i find it very stressful.

J x

Hi Michelle & Frazer,

Hope you’re feeling better today and that things are going ok with all the work being done at home?

Sending hugs

Twinkle Toes xx

I’m so sorry to hear about your twin granddaughters Michelle, your daughter must be devastated.

sending love and hugs.

As for workmen, I hate it with a vengance! Hope it will soon be over for you Michelle.

Take Care,

Nina x