Monday morning

I’m sat up in bed the agency workers are here today There are 3 of them. Ican hear the clatter of the dishes and the drone of the Hoover, it will soon be clean and tidy again. Today they are changing Molly’s bed and tidying her room , I’m sure they have a giggle when they see all her dolls . Last night was movie night and all 100 + of them watched "Never ending Story " Molly’s nearly 18 and has a big imagination…it’s a myth when they say people with autism have no imagination. Molly is always planning events for her dolls. Frazer is asleep on Ben’s bed . I’m worried about Ben at the moment he seems very depressed he’s 22 and has aspergers, he’s very intelligent, but struggling with anxiety . Ive been ill this weekend so I’ve not been able to support Ben as much as usual. Hopefully I’ll be better soon I think I got too cold on Saturday and haven’t well since . I hope everyone else is okay, I wanted to write something as the forum has been very quiet. I hope it livens up. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle Hope you feel better soon and your son. I think the weather has a lot to do with it, it’s been quite depressing, roll on spring the bulbs are poking their heads up so shouldn’t be too long. Like you I have been having a rough time of late, started with a chest infection, then bad reaction to the antibiotics, then UTI caused by ISC so back on more antibiotics. Next was appointment with Rheumy who put me on b****y steroids and I go on Wednesday to be shown how to inject the medication instead of taking more tablets! It just never ends does it? Anyway we must all try to be positive so it’s onwards and upwards, take care. Pam x


Hi to both of you.

I hope you both feel better soon. It’s hard sometimes. The freezing weather is awful. The heat of summer is draining but the cold has its effects too. I’m struggling with neuralgia so I know I’m not feeling anywhere near as badly as you two, I’m just living in my nice soft pyjamas. My neighbours probably think I’m the most pathetic person on earth but I don’t care.

Michelle I hope your children pick up, it’s awful when they’re struggling. .Take care

Cath x


Hi Michelle,hope you feel better soon.January and feb are very hard months for most of us to get through aren’t they.I find them very hard but at least the days are a bit longer now.Its a lot lighter on a night now thank goodness.The daffodils in my garden are coming through and will be flowering shortly,i love the spring and all the spring flowers.

J x


Hello Michelle.

As that cartoon cat Garfield once claimed:

“February is the Monday of months.”

At least it’s the shortest. Next month we’ll see the opening of the daffodils. All around us the golden host will wave and dance. We will catch the first of the warmth as the white sun of winter turns into an amber genial friend giving us hope for the freshness of Spring.

May you look across the Mersey flats towards the smoking Joe refineries and think of the warm Summer months ahead bringing that familiar glow back to Frodsham’s fair face.

Steve x woof

Well…Good morning William! :wink: The daffodils are already open here in southern Ireland. Starting with the tiny brave Tete a Tete that braved the dusting of snow and intermittent frosts, the other varieties will follow in succession, taking us through March. I quite like February. It’s January I hate with a vengeance. There are surely more days in it than any other month! Hi Michelle. I really hope your house is in order again and that you, and your family are up to speed. These short days and unpleasant weather don’t help. X Happy February everyone.

I hope you are feeling better Michelle.

I am looking forward to Spring or sometime when it is warm enough to sit out in the conservatory and watch the birds. We don’t have any heating in our conservatory but we do have snowdrops and crocus in flower and daffodils in bud .

Best wishes

Grandma x

Much better but I’m left with extreme tiredness, I’m always tired and have less energy than normal but it seems as if I’m set on cruise control permanently at 30 mile an hour and if I try to rise above that I drop to 10 miles an hour . Michelle and Frazer xx