Does anyone have experience of taking Methadone for pain? I’d be very interested to hear about it.



Hi Nina

I’ve only ever administered methadone in a nursing role but never taken it myself. Is it being recommended to you?

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Yes it is but I have to admit I find the thought a bit scary…hence wondering if anyone had any experience or thoughts on the matter?

Nina x

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I see. Is it because you think of methadone in relation to drug users?

Methadone is a synthetic opioid, used medically as an analgesic or a maintenance anti-addictive.

Methadone is less sedating than morphine and acts for longer periods. It can be used instead of morphine in patients whose pain can’t be controlled with morphine.

Hope that helps a little Nina.



I’m not sure if Tavish,aka David had ever appeared on here,but he resided in a specialist MS clinic in Belgium.He lived in horrendous pain but Methadone and latterly a methadone/Ketamine cocktail kept him going for 6-7 years until he succumbed to pneumonia last october.A very brave man who kept going for his young son.

I’m having problems controlling the neuropathetic pain with various drugs and even though Oromorph had helped it doesn’t anymore and may possibly cause more pain.I’ve mentioned methadone to the consultant and GP,but they mumbled their replies,so It’ll be getting mentioned again.


Gosh! The poor man must have been in great pain to need Ketamine and methadone…very sad.

In the hospice we worked hard to control patients pain. Many things in life can be tolerated but to be in constant pain can get one down.

Yes Wb, worth discussing again


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Thank you wb, how terrible for your friend.

I’m having trouble with various pains but also having trouble controlling neuropathic pain, Gabapentin have served me well until a year or so ago.

I’m very lucky in that I have a new GP who says he’s determined to sort it out.

Nina c

Thank you blossom…at least now I understand why my GP prefers methadone to morphine!

Your explanation was a big help,

Thank you,

Nina x