Methadone for chronic intractable pain

Hi everyone. My Pain Consultant recently suggested to me again that i try Methadone for my chronic, intractable pains (of which there are too many to list here). These chronic pains are related both to my spinal condition (I have cauda equina syndrome) and to my progressive MS. There is so much stigma associated with this painkiller, hence why i wanted to do some research of my own. I would be very interested to hear from anyone here who has either been on this painkiller, or is currently taking it. The Pain Consultant has told me it’s a very good painkiller…what is your view? More specifically, i would like to know how often you are given/collect the Methadone prescription from the Doctor/Chemist? I would welcome any comments, good or bad, from people that have taken this drug/or are taking it now. If you would prefer to PM me, please do, as i need all the information i can get, as this could happen quite soon for me. Thank you for reading and really hope someone can help.

Dear Ellie, I dont think your doctor would prescribe Methadone without a great deal of thought. He/She must think you need it. Why dont you have a chat with your MS nurse or the practice nurse at your GPs. There should be no stigma in taking methadone. You have MS my friend and you are all that matters. There are plus and negative sides to this. As i said before have a chat whith the people who are there to help you. I wish you well. Jane xxx

Hi, I just googled the subject and see that is used for chronic pain…not just for heroin addicts.

As you say, the common thought for methodone is that it is given for illegal drug addiction and to wean folk off it.

I read that it is a cheap drug! So I am surprised more of us arent already on it!

If I was offered it by a neuro, then I would take it.

If more main stream painkillers have failed you, then why not give methodone a try!


Hi Elle

I’ve responded to a similar post so hope I’m not repeating myself to you. I have terrible nerve pain as I have cord damage in my neck that affects my whole body. I’ve tried every painkiller and now take regular morphine and can have extra if needed. It’s in the same group of drugs as methadone and is only prescribed when nothing else will work. Your doctor will do his best to give you quality of life which you can’t get if you’re in pain. Don’t worry about taking it. You start off on a low dose that increases until you’re comfortable. You’ll feel dopey at first and with each increase but it goes. I’m on a large dose but am really alert and even drive unless I need additional doses. I get it on my repeat prescription like all my other meds. Please don’t worry, pm me if you want any more info. No one needs to know you’re on it if you don’t want them to.

Cath x