Methadone for chronic intractable pain

Hi everyone. My Pain Consultant recently suggested to me again that i try Methadone for my chronic, intractable pains (of which there are too many to list here). These chronic pains are related both to my spinal condition (I have cauda equina syndrome) and to my progressive MS. There is so much stigma associated with this painkiller, hence why i wanted to do some research of my own. I would be very interested to hear from anyone here who has either been on this painkiller, or is currently taking it. The Pain Consultant has told me it’s a very good painkiller…what is your view? More specifically, i would like to know how often you are given/collect the Methadone prescription from the Doctor/Chemist? I would welcome any comments, good or bad, from people that have taken this drug/or are taking it now. If you would prefer to PM me, please do, as i need all the information i can get, as this could happen quite soon for me. Thank you for reading and really hope someone can help.

Hi Elle, I have not been on it… but wanted to say a bit about drugs.

All of that class of drug, which include heroin and morphine, are fantastic pain killers.

We all have a bit of a problem with them of course because they are drugs that are so often abused. BUT when you are using them for pain you are NOT abusing the drug, you are using it.

I heard somewhere that when using a drug for pain their is no real medical term for ‘drug addicted’. That term is only used for people who are abusing the drug.

Many men after both 1st and 2nd world wars used heroin or morphine for the rest of their lives (and from 2nd war some of them are still alive). They of course were never considered ‘drug addicts’ because the injuries they had meant that they had to take the drug to help with their pain… so it’s a long way from the lives of seedy drug addicts hanging out for their next fix.

So if I were you I would forget all about the stigma. It has nothing whatsoever to do with you. Methadone is considered an excellent pain killer (which is what it was developed for) so you should go ahead and give it a try. It might make life a whole lot better for you.

Good luck with it hon,

Pat x

Hi Elle

I’m not on Methadone but take regular Morphine. It’s a very good pain killer, used as a last resort because it is addictive and has side effects. It’s the only drug that has worked and I’d rather take it and have quality of life than suffer. It has bad press as some believe they only give it to you when you’re doing. NOT TRUE. As its addictive I’d need to come off it slowly if I had to but according to my Neuro I’ll always need it.

You have to make the final decision but I know I’m comfortable and can manage side effects and because it was increased slowly I’m not “high” I am as alert as I was prior to starting it, still drive when I don’t need extra top ups and you’d never know I had it if I didn’t tell you.

Feel free to pm me if you want but your Neuro wouldn’t suggest it if he thought there was an alternative with equal results.

Cath x

Sorry that was meant to read dying, some think you only get it when terminal. Damn spell checker.


Very interesting, cheers for that info. I’d not heaard about this. Take careM

Hi elle63

The difference between Morphine and Methadone is the length of time its effects last. Methadone is significantly longer lasting so you would be taking less often. If you do consider Methadone it is important to make sure that you get the non-sugar version. Methadone is regularly given to drug addicts and they are issued the version that contains sugar in order to prevent misuse, the side effects are significant weight gain and tooth decay. The sugar free does not have this aspect of side effects.

My wife does not have MS but takes regular morphine along with other major pain killers to try and manage her condition and her Gastro consultant wants her to move onto Methadone as the next step but we are struggling to find an NHS pain clinic that will prescribe methadone for pain relief. If anyone knows of one that does I would be eternally grateful to find out

I have been on methadone since 2006 after being on many harsh pain meds. That with kill your liver and kidney and God k ows what else was a zombie most of the time started methadone 60 mgs. And no high filling I can function with no to little pain and can use it long term best thing that ever happened to me in my life… With out methadone I probably still be in bed sleeping and having a piddy party took me out of depression and anxiety attack and now living a productive life wish more drs.and patients would get more information on it if u r going to be on pain meds. For the rest of your life or long term there is no better pain medication than methadone I thank God my wife researched it and I did as well 100 me. Fentynal patches I thought life was all but over could not function and didn’t want to… So for your question YES METHADONE IS THE ANSWER IT DOES HAVE A BAD NAME BUT I COULD CARE LESS WHAT IT HAS ATTACHED TO IT IT IS BY FAR MORE SAFE THAN ANYTHING THAT IS STRONG ENOUGH TO WORK ITS SAFER THAN moltrin 800 research or contact me anytime you want it is the a…