Methadone for MS pain

My wife is 48 and has MS she is in constant pain cant hardly get her to get out of the chair , She is taking fentanyl patch and hydrcodone for pain , but it is no longer helping, her pain specialists wants her to try Methadone . I have some concerns and was wondering if anyone was using or has used Methadone for there MS and could give me some information on ther experiences. I ve had to take over my wifes meds cause her eyesight is about gone and her short term memory is getting bad. Her life pretty much consists of tv and sleeping and her dog PIG [ a Bosten Terrior which is pretty much her best friend ]. I would appreciate any info or Iideas PM if you like I work a lot of hours so may not be a real quick response. Thanks

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I can't answer your question but you may get more answers posting in the Everyday Living section of the forum which is a bit busier.

Hi DLJ and welcome to the board!

Sorry to hear your wife has such problem with pain… has to be the very worst symptom of MS.

We do have another member on here who uses Methadone… so hopefully they will see your post.

I think most people are taken aback when they are offered Methadone… our idea of the drug is of course usually related to junkies which is a bit shocking.

But Methadone is a good pain drug and is used for all sorts of conditions. I think you should certainly talk to your wife about giving it a try.

The other problem people have with it is that it is addictive. In treatments for pain there are many many drugs that could be called ‘addictive’… but when used following medical advice and for medical conditions these drugs (inc Morphine and Diamorphine) are fantastic for lessening pain… so using it for that perfectly legitamate reason is a whole different ball game from a junkie using it to get high.

I’m pleased your wife has you and PIG! Wish I could have a dog but I live in a flat in London so not really fair on the dog.

It’s nice to see you on here. I know your wife cannot see well enough to type, but if she would like to say hi maybe you could type the message for her?

We are a friendly bunch on here… and we love having a new member.

Please say hi to her from me… and hopefully see you again soon,

Pat xx :slight_smile:

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Hi DLJ. Nerve pain is excruciating and it can be relentless, it makes life unbearable.  I know this from experience.  Pat is right, when we think of opiates, methadone or morphine for example we think of either junkies or terminal illness.  It is most definitely not the case.

These drugs are given for severe pain that nothing else worked for.  Yes they do make you drowsy at first, as with most painkillers but that fades with time.  They are also addictive but your doctor is aware of this too and like many other drugs, when or if the time comes to get you off them, you are weaned off them slowly and your progress is monitored and drugs adjusted appropriately to suit you as an individual.

Anything is better than battling nerve pain.  At the start of treatment you'll find you sleep a lot, fantastic, how long is it since you had a pain free full night's sleep?  I take Zomorph which is a slow release tablet twice a day and yes, I still have the odd day when I need a bit extra, which is a quick acting syrup version but I try not to use that often as I don't like feeling dopey but I now have a good quality of life.  I even drive, my neurologist has assessed me and knows that I'm alert enough, unless I've needed the syrup of course.  I'm a nicer, easy going person and enjoy life.

Please trust your doctor, take a list of questions if you have any worries but I was so upset when it was first prescribed, now I don't look back. Like many drugs, some people use it for reasons other than those recommended but not everyone.  It has a genuine medicinal use.  Take care and sorry about the essay.

Cath xx


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Your poor wife's pain must be really bad if the fentanyl and hydrocodone is not controlling it.  I can understand your worries about the Methadone but I would trust the doctors on this one. 

I was diagnosed last august with primary progressive....I also have Psoriatic arthritis. 

I used to work in palliative care.  Its amazing how pain can be one should have to be in too much pain with all  the drugs we have today. 

All the best to you and your wife.

Take care  happyflower

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I’m so sorry for your wife’s constant pain.

I do not take Methadone but I do use two drugs that are highly addictive…but they work for me…therefore making life much more enjoyable.

I do believe to take meds such as methadone under the control of a good caring GP is, as Pat says, so very different from someone using it illegally.

As a matter of interest, did you know that hydrocodeine is also highly addictive…so when or if your wife stops that it will need to be done very very slowly… I mention this really more from the point of view that she has been taking it for a while and I’m sure it hasn’t turned her into a junkie! In actual fact it will possibly just be swoping one addictive drug for another.

I do hope your wife gets as much joy from her little friend Pig as I do from my two special friends Betty ( Yorkshire cross) and Lottie (chocolate Lab ).

My very best wishes to you both Nina x

I have been on methodone for two years and my pain is 95% gone. I have MS. I can’t say enough good about methadone for pain. I can’t say enough as well about how bad I think pain pills, pathches are. The United States consumes 80% of the pharmaceutical drugs the rest of the world consumes 20% if that tells you anything… Holistic doctors have been doing so well taking care of people like myself the so- called real docs are starting to agree finally. I can’t stress enough about yoga. Your wife must do yoga and or swim( if she can) regardless she needs to exercise. I feel so much better. Diet is essential too. I will eat some fish but no meat! Some people will state the obvious which is trading one addiction for another however when you are handed a life long disease that requires life long medical attention so they can take other medications and fill your body up with chemicals that cause in numerous problems say anything LOL they always they can’t help themselves to say something about the medicine that’s addictive. I also see a holistic doctor, integrated medical bio- feedback and I take the nano Immune minerals anti-bac 3 a lot of the Christopher and Hannah Kroeger products have helped me immensely. Good luck. God bless. Prayer is so powerful

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