Methadone for chronic intractable pain

Hi everyone, It has been suggested to me again recently that i try Methadone for my chronic, intractable pains (of which there are too many to list here) which are chronic, and related both to my spinal condition (I have cauda equina syndrome) and my progressive MS. I would be very interested to hear from anyone here who has either been on this painlkiller, or is currently taking it…i’ve been told it is a very good painkiller…what is your view? More specifically, i would like to know how often you are given/collect the Methadone prescription from the Doctor/Chemist? - this particular point is very relevant to myself. But i would like to hear anything, good or bad. If you would prefer to PM me, please do, as i need all the information i can get, as this could happen quite soon for me. Thank you for reading and really hope you can help.

i think woblyboy has morphine for his pain so either pm him or put out a post calling to him

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Hi Elle,that is really bad for you.I know a bit about it’cos of chronic Neuropathetic pain in my trotters.I have spoken to a Scottish bloke who stays in a Belgian clinic most of the time, but not for a few years.They’d been through all the Opiates and they ‘ran out of steam’ so they tried Methadone with some success.

I think that NICE might be a huge problem for this treatment to be tried.Apparently Ketamine has shown some interesting results,and wouldn’t that be NICE.The NHS appears to be run by Lawyers and Accountants and us MS peeps are too difficult to do anything about.If you can get Methadone…Bravo.I think I know of a way to get limited access to it,but it is a crazy idea.

PM me if you are feeling up to a ridiculous idea,

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Isn’t methadone often used to (legally) wean people off heroin?


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Isn’t methadone often used to (legally) wean people off heroin?


[/quote] Yes, that is one and the most known uses, and here is where the stigma starts…I’m in very severe, intractable pain. I’ve already had two open brain surgeries to try and help my various pain syndromes, the last one caused me a stroke and left me with even more chronic pains. I’ve tried many opiates, but through one side effect or another, my Pain Consultant has suggested Methadone. The pain is more to do with my spinal problem of cauda equina syndrome, but is also associated with my progressive MS. Hope to hear from someone who is currently/ or has taken Methadone. Many thanks.