Mental health assessment!

Hi, just to let you all know, I have my assessment with the mental health team tomorrow. Wish me luck xxx


assessment for what?

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hi folk songs

hope it went well and please keep us updated.

carole x

sorry should have put good luck for tomorrow.

Well, it was a total waste of time! It cost me £8 to get there and back, and all they said was I could have more counseling, which hasn’t helped in the past, so I don’t see it helping in the future. What I really need is someone who can help me feel better physically, so I can get a job, then I will feel better mentally. But it looks like the help I need isn’t even available. Don’t know where to go for help next xxx

Mental health issues are always put to the bottom of the pile by the powers that be.

Flamin eck Folksongs, I think most days ‘expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised.’ It helps. Also, I’m afraid I’m one of those that thinks if you want something doing, do it yourself because no other body can be arsed!

Its a hard thing for the professionals to look at mental health, physical health, the treatment of one or both. You either get really good people or people that think they understand and have a one thought treatment process. Such as oh you need counselling.

Bringing yourself back from the ills of MS and onwards and upwards is a difficult thing but many people on here have done that. I hate counselling, especially the traditional side where they ask you ‘What do you think of that’, sorry not for me.

Anyway, some things happened to me early last year that brought back a whole heap of memories from long ago that I could have done with just forgetting forever. Anyway, I was in a bit of a pickle and crying and what not and my physical side was going down hill too. A random meeting with a plumber (who turned out to be a guru of some sort), said after talking to me for 40 minutes and getting to know me a bit ‘Pam, you need mindfulness counselling immediately or you will not get through this. You will feel better, by investing in your future and a door may open, or it may not!’ I phoned someone up that day and went the next day to someone 20 minutes away. I had never paid attention to mindfulness, but I now feel much better, can cope with things that have happened and it has helped me become a very different, chilled person. I went for five hours over five weeks and it also helped me plan my daily life better i.e. breathing, taking in the moment, not mythering about what I can’t do etc.

I think, it you don’t get help where you need it, persist if you must but otherwise, try something else. I would have never volunteered for this sort of thing but it has helped me re-think my abilities and inabilities and I am doing more and feeling better physically although it is very painful to exercise. I bought dvds beachbody with online support as I didn’t want to ask a person at the gym, I had to adapt all of the exercises but it helped. Have you looked at any local alternatives? Support groups, library groups, walking groups, anything that might take you out of the place mentally that you are in? Free physical support groups (i.e. free massage, reiki and all that)

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