I SHOULD be Depressed!!!!


Just a quickie whilst I am on here. I went to see my Consultant last week & mentioned that I had been feeling quite down since Christmas - thinking I would receive some words of comfort or help or even the obligatory ‘leaflet’ I was told that I SHOULD be depressed because I had MS!!!

I can only quess that my appt. was to near lunch time & he had to rush off to the canteen before it shut !! After waiting 13 months & over an hour (which i dont really mind) I had 5/6 minutes with him & quite clearly he didnt listen to a word I was saying - surely Consultants should listen to their patients.

I hope other people dont have this brush off from their consultants. Anyway I am looking forward to the spring/summer & the warmer lighter nights, so hopefully this should be the uplift that I need.

Hope you all have a good afternoon & thanks for any replies. XX

Hi I think we all get a little down from time to time and this weather dosen’t help either, hopefully now the lighter nights are coming nearer & nearer you’ll start to feel a little better I hope. 5/6 mins? Gosh what kind of consultant does that - not a very good one in my opinion. I’m always a good half hour with mine and my last visit last month was almost an 1hr. Hope you start to feel a bit more upbeat sometime soon. Sue x

Hello there,and don’t forget it’s getting lighter by two minutes a day.That is an appalling thing for the Neurotic to say,but they hate our 15 minutes of ‘Fame’ each year when we change from a two dimensional case note into a 3D living breathing person.As far as the vast majority of THEM are concerned we are just a nuisance that must be abided so they get their £100K+.

I’ve got an appointment with the Walton Pain Clinic coming up,I’ll be taking a dictaphone in with me,letting him know I’m using it,and I’m in such a state that I am not backing down.If you’re the appointment after me I apologise now for any extra waiting around you have to do.

There are two things you can say to them which gets a reaction…Quality of life…

…You may be the expert,but I am the user…

Spring is coming,

Wb <(L)>

Hi, yep I know what you mean.

The waiting time in clinics is sometimes just rediculous. Then you get a few minutes of the neuro`s ever so pressed time.

But I have never felt hurried out of the room, only fobbed off and then hurried out.

It`s an outing, eh? Roll on the warmer weather.

luv Pollx

My view is that things have been made physically difficult for me, so I am not going to let my positive outlook be sacrificed too, and try to stay up beat. What a negative thing for your neuro to say in your short appointment!

Oh no you must feel so frustrated. I only see my neuro once a year but he is a lovely man. I am in there at least half an hour and he takes time to explain everything and ask how I am feeling. He even asks my husband if he has any questions or worries. Must be another case of postcode lottery. Anne x.

Hiya I saw a new neuro last yeat and he told me I must be depressed as the last 7 relapses I’d had (and been given steroids for) were not actually relapses at all. Therefore as I didn’t have an infection, wasn’t stressed or too hot, I MUST be depressed! I (and my mum) insisted that I wasn’t and he told me to go away and think about it, then go and see my GP. So pretty much, go home, convince yourself that you’re depressed, get medication and then I’ll be right!!! (I went to see my Gp after I got a copy of the letter my neuro sent to him and he agreed with me that I was not depressed and didn’t need any ‘help’ in that area. So my view of neuro’s has gone waaaaayyyyyy down since then and my advice to you would be to go and see your GP and have a chat with them about what you can do to help your mood, whether that be a bit of counselling, medication or just a chat about how you feel. Sue x

thanks everyone for your replies - I know I am not depressed just christmas was a particuarly difficult time - family stuff nothing really to do with the MS - I have had other consultants & they have been 1000000% Fantastic so I guess I just got the short straw (or something like that) - again many thanks for all your replies & roll on spring xx