Quickest appointment record!

Hi all, Don’t be put off the title, it’s good news! Had my follow up 6 months after dx appointment was quick and easy. Consultant - how are you, Me not too bad after mild relapse in June. Consultant Good see you in 12 months! Next! Anyone beaten this! Chis

It stinks doesn`t it? They have so little time and interest in us.

luv Pollx

Just the same for me, i hadnt seen a neuro in 18 years of my ms, since my diagnosis, i have been a few times this last few years because my gp wanted me back in the ‘system’

why,just so i can make polite conversation for 5 minutes !!! i really dont see the point in me going, because i have never had any help from them,and nothings changed much in all these years, the best help i have had was the neuro physio,who taught me how to strengthen my core and leg muslces.

It takes me 2 hours there and 2 hours back for essentially “hello and goodbye”.

They’re all very pleasant people and I suppose time is better spent with folk they can actually offer something (i’m SP).

Hi Chis,

Don’t think I’ve beaten it, but certainly in the running. I was once in and out so fast the receptionist asked if everything was OK! I think she thought the neuro and I must have had words or something.

Actually, I was rather peeved about it at the time, because the few moments I’d spent in there didn’t justify the £16 taxi-fare or the time and effort of going. The only saving grace was they asked me to participate in a genetic study, whilst I was there, for which they needed a blood sample. Although I hate blood tests, I knew it was important in the interests of science, so I consented. If it hadn’t been for that important participation in research, the whole trip would’ve been a complete waste of time.



l think l had the longest wait - 26yrs after diagnosis before seeing another consultant neuro. l sat in the waiting room for 1 1/2hrs - got called in - She introduced herself - apologised for keeping me waiting - then said ‘l have to admit that l know very little about MS!!!’ l expect you know more then l do’ - within 5mins l was back in the carpark getting into my car!

Was it worth the wait - NO!


I got a call one Friday asking me to come for a full body scan on the Sunday they had had a cancellation from a child booked in and could fit me in 3 days notice was pretty shoking to me That was aboput 4 weeks ago and I still haven’t had the results yet

Well my last appointment was to see ms nurse as neuro didnt want to see me this time - wonder if shes gone off me? When I arrived ms nurse was ‘off sick’ - as she has been for months. So why then did I get a call the Friday before to see if I was going to attend?

Saw neuro physio instead, who asked me neuro questions. I thought it odd because it looks like their all multitasking lately. Im fully expecting to see the cleaner in her cupboard the next time, perhaps she may have ideas about my bowels/bladder - like use a plunger!



God forbid Brenda! But that plunger image has me smiling. Thanks folks, thought it was just me! Chis

All these posts should be sent to EVERY neuro in the UK - and they should be pinned on the wall for everyone to read.


Yes I think I can beat this. My Neuro threw me off his list for asking too many questions so I didn’t even manage to get through his door. The one he passed me on to is just as useless too.

I used to get smacked at school for asking too many questions - some people never learn!

So violence and rejection seems to the consequence, but hey ho it still won’t stop me asking questions - it’s simply that they don’t know the answers.

I’m not the ignorant one they are…

:-o Mary