That was quick!

Hello all, I have received a date for my follow up neuro appt - 25th June. Seems quick tho I’m a bit concerned that the tests at Hurstwood Park are supposed to be completed first and I haven’t heard from them. However, given that I was originally quoted 4 months to get back to the neurologist and then told it would take 18 weeks to be seen at Hurstwood Park I’m pleased that it seems I won’t have to wait that long (I hope it isn’t at someone else’s expense). Thank you to Rizzo for the NICE guidelines…I included them in a letter to my MP that went like this…

Dear MP, I am undergoing neurological tests. I almost certainly have MS. NICE guidelines state that from the GP suspecting MS to neurologist should take 6 weeks, it took 3 months. Once the neurologist suspects MS it should then be a further 6 weeks to complete the tests and receive a diagnosis. I was seen on 19th of April, referred to a neurological centre on the 23rd. I have been quoted 18 weeks simply to get the tests done. This is brutal and inhumane. I have a 5 year old child and a full time job as a teacher. Next year’s timetable is being written now. If NICE guidelines were being complied with I would be able to negotiate with my school for the reduced timetable I need. Without a written diagnosis I cannot do this. It is my opinion that the reason that my treatment is substandard is that the government is underspending and dismantling the NHS (the most precious thing this country has). Tax cuts for rich people are at the expense of my health. etc etc

It seems to have done the trick right now tho may backfire on me later.

Best to all SB xx

Go seaside belle go - well done Min xx


Karen x