WOW! It's a BOGOF.............


I done a post a couple of days ago about how you cope with a multitude of appointments. After my house move back in March to another part of the country and explaining to all the health workers to get my slim file from Yorkshire. I have now got an appointment with my old Sheffield consultant to my new address here on the Wirral!

I now have TWO consultants. It’s a bit of a Buy One Get One Free! So strange after having no one for 10 years.

Ohhh, I’m so tempted to see the old places. Ahhhh memories.



You are spoilt for choice. l went 26yrs without seeing a Neuro Consultant - then l get an appointment - sit in the waiting room for over an hour - Get to see the Consultant for all of 5mins. Her first words to me were ‘l do not know much about MS - l expect you know more than me after all these years’ The only correct words l have ever heard from one.

Still there is always next year - can’t wait for my next 5mins.

Im so pleased marty youve got a special deal, buy one and get the other free - consultant! Now what did you bribe em with?

I can sense your beaming face. Just goes to show what each part of the country is like, some good, some not so good and some absent neuros who dont know what ms is.

Thanks for sharing, now use your smile to get other bargains (:o)