Memory and fatigue

been to see my consultant recently and I mentioned about how bad my memory was getting. She did some basic stuff like what day was it the year etc the only one I failed on was what date was it just couldn’t bring it to mind. The main problem I have is remembering to do something in the day that my wife has asked me to do before she goes to work. My consultant says it will mainly happen when I’m tired I’ve read about brain fog which she did also mention. She also sergested writing things down which seems the obvious thing to do so other than that does anyone else have any ideas. Neil

Keeping a diary, using a calendar, get a black/white board for use at home, write down everything anyone tells you! Set up reminders for important things, write lists of jobs / chores / phone calls.

All of these are made easier by using a tablet / iPad / iPhone as you can get all of these on apps (applications) which make life work even with an iffy brain.

Also, start using the brain a bit more, do crosswords, play memory games, play games of any sort really.

(I do all of the above. It doesn’t necessarily make my brain work any better, but means I don’t forget important stuff!)


Hi Neilfdobbo, I understand completely. I make notes in 3 places, have 2 diaries and post it notes are my best friends! If I don’t write something down, I forget it. If writing things by hand is problematic for you, try writing notes on a smart phone or tablet. Sending hugs, RL :slight_smile:


It is annoying and potentially dangerous to forget such things. As I am a visual sort of person I have colour codes in my calendar so that new or important stuff is less likely to be missed. I also leave visual clues around the house, like if I am supposed to do the laundry, when I pass the basket (doing other stuff) I will open or move the basket so that it will be in my way. I will also use audible alarms on my phone or the cooker to give me another clue. Not perfect but a little better than “totally forgetful”

Good luck


So the best way to remember stuff is to leave them in places where you’ll fall over them? Then when the paramedics arrive to pick you up, you can ask them to (for eg) put the washing in the machine?


Bother! being a boy, I did not think this through.