memory loss assistance please

My memory is suffering at the moment. Recently diagnosed I have the limb pain, mood swings, fatigue etc but the one thing that is worrying me most is the issues with my memory. I forget peoples names, even if I’ve known them for years, forget every day words and struggle to remember birthdays, anniversaries etc. I know writing reminders down will help but does anyone have any tips for improving the memory? PS, I’m on Tysabri but I don’t think that causes any memory issues.


Don’t have tips on how to improve but can suggest a few ways to cope better…

Neuro pointed out plaques on MRI affecting memory which helped me realise it wasn’t my fault so no use beating myself up about it!

There’s some things I want to cover but they stick.

I find being honest helps such as I know word/name I want but sorry its not coming! That’s fact, I find it too exhausting to find or try to cover up!

If a situation I was in I ask was I there? Did I seem to enjoy it? Then accept the answers. Getting worried/upset makes it worse for me so I learned a way how to cope with minimal embarrassment to all parties.

It’s all part of prioritising your energy and playing positive minds games!

You will find ur acceptable way!



I meant forget not cover!

There is a “trace” theory of memory.
This suggests that a specific memory is encoded as a path or trace through a set of neurons in the brain.
If you have plaque across that trace, then you cannot retrieve the full memory.

What you can do is to try to rebuild each memory item - one at a time - and associate them with familiar places (called The Method of Loci). this may (and I do mean may) help to rebuild a trace around each plaque (some psychologists believe that this is possible.

Me? Well I am lost without an A2 wall planner. A phone appointment is written onto a notepad, and then onto the planner.
Why? It was determined some years back that it takes a finite time (8-12 seconds) to get something into long-term memory.
Writing it out more than once helps give that time (and may help build a new trace). So one quick not on a “Post-it” may help if you can see the note, but writing it down more than once (maybe 3-4 times) is a lot better.

You can help yourself, but it will take time, and you have to work at it. Sound familiar?


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Hi Pops, can you be referred to a memory clinic. My GP sent me to one and the help I received was fantastic.

I do notice though the more tired/fatigued I am the worse my memory becomes.

Hi pops

i too have memory problems and i find writing down things to do , on a board or notes , works well.

As things come to me i make notes.

then i set things out that i need for the next day.

Try to make time you organise your ’ things to do ’ where you aren’t distracted.

i find that no distraction is the key.