Met neurologist today who I have to say I thought was fantastic. Explained Loads of things to me. Said he definitely would want to do an Mri with a history of Optic Neuritis. Would look into open mri and wide bore options. Didn’t do any neurological exams. Finger touching your nose. That sort of thing. Would want to start me on melatonin ASAP to improve sleep quality and sleep and wake cycles. Said this may significantly improve fatigue Anyone had any experiences of this Kind regards and best wishes to all


I have bought some Melatonin Sleep from that big online shop.

they were amazing, asleep within minutes.

I’m about to ask my GP for a prescription for Zopiclone as my sleep cycle is still erratic…

That’s interesting. I was told by neurologist it can only be given by prescription and the melatonin you see on line is not actually melatonin but is a stimulant to help your body produce melatonin. That’s what he told me so you may find interesting

it worked for me, may have not been good for me but I got some sleep!