Hi all,

I am currently ‘under investigation’ for Neuro inflammation, having had enhanced and non enhanced lesions on spinal cord and awaiting Olicognal bands result from Lumbar Puncture.

Last year I started suffering panic attacks and high anxiety and have been taking sertraline as recommended by my GP - which helps enormously! I am also peri menopausal and have a lot of chronic stressors in family life.

I have also taken Zopiclone ad hoc for a couple of years and more so recently, partly due to neuro symptoms preventing sleep.

I have seen a couple of you mention Melatonin as an aid for quality sleep and as I am quite worried about using Zopiclone I would prefer to try something more ‘natural’ - my son with autism was prescribed 3mg melatonin when younger so I’m assuming if it can be given to children (he was 10) it must be ‘safe’ ??

What sort of dose do people take? I have found melatonin supplements on amazon and can’t see that it would interact with sertraline and of course will ask my GP when I go for next repeat of Sertraline.

May I ask anyone else’s experience/opinion of melatonin? Can it be taken adhoc, or should it be nightly? Does it build up and have long term effect or a short half life??

I struggle terribly to both gt to sleep and to stay asleep and feel that this leaves me even more prone to fatigue and brain fog! 3 nights with little sleep has led to me tripping over myself everywhere and dropping things - although this could be neuro related of course!!

Thanks :slight_smile:


hi minnie i take melatonin but not on prescription, bought it from ama$on. i decided i would use the pack up then see my gp to confess! hopefully get on script. it really does help me to sleep. so if you’re sensible you’ll see the doctor. if you’re impatient, you’ll go under the radar like me! carole x

ps i take one at bed time

If you’re already taking sertraline and zopiclone, I would think seeing your doctor would be wise before adding another drug to your body. I realise that melatonin is naturally produced by the body, but the additive type is chemically formulated, so might not be quite as ‘natural’ as you think.

If the zopiclone isn’t working, then talk to your doctor about what might help. It could be that you have built up a tolerance to zopiclone and thus the dose you are taking isn’t working.


Hi Sue, it does work, just that I don’t like taking it, so was thinking whether Melatonin may be good instead of Zopiclone?? But yes will speak to GP and be sensible!!

Failing that I believe Amytriptyline is used for depression/anxiety and can aid sleep as well so maybe I could discuss that one med as an alternative to all the others!!

Nothing like no sleep, dwelling on neuro symptoms and with twitchy ‘everything’ is there!!!

I’m actually getting to the point where a dx would be a relief.but suspect it may take some considerable time

Thanks Carole,

As I take other meds I think I’ll be sensible! But totally feeling impatient too!! Glad melatonin helps you x