my sleep cycle has been really disrupted for at least a year.

i want my circadian rhythm back.

therefore i have purchased some melatonin tablets and have had one at bedtime every night for a week.

i’m falling asleep soon after (result!).

i also bought some seratonin to take in the morning.

just looking at all the pills i take has made me worried.

filling my pill sorter did that.

has anyone else tried melatonin and seratonin?

i’m going to make an appointment to see my gp and will inform him/her of what i take.

if melatonin is not approved i will ask for something to help me sleep.


carole x

Where did you get them from Carole please? I know they’re easily available in the states but I’ve never seen them in Ireland. Are they available easily in the UK?

I took melatonin many years ago, but after a few months I decided they had no effect on me.

I can’t remember where they came from but they were in the internet and I’m sure it was from overseas. And I had no cast-iron guarantee that they were melatonin!


I know what you mean Anthony… I think it’s serotonin I’d be more interested in.


I have been taking Melatonin by night 4mg and serotonin by day for years.

I know the brain does produce Melatonin in tiny quantiles. There is the chance the brain will stop making it if its become so used to me taking it for so long. Be careful ordering them online in either Europe or the USA. There not on general sale in the UK but someone on here said you can ask your G.P for them. Would be interesting to see what the Doc has to say about it.

Let us know how you get on with the G.P

Good luck


i’ll probably not get an appointment for my GP until wednesday so will let you know the outcome.

My gp is a stickler for anything “different” and I just know serotonin wouldn’t be prescribed. How long have you been taking the serotonin for Carole and where do you buy it?

i started melatonin last week and seratonin this weekend. love the melatonin because it helps me to sleep. they were both from amazn.

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Thank you x