Can I just have a good nights sleep?


I’ve been having real problems sleeping for the last few weeks so am even more knackered that normal. I tend to go through spells where sleeps difficult but it ususally only lasts 3/4 days.

I don’t want sleeping tablets because they make me feel like a zombie and I like having a life. Has anybody got any tips? Somebody suggested Melatonin but I’m not sure.


Hi rosie11

Lavender tea works for me if you want to go down the herbal route. I was very sceptical about herbal remedies until someone told me about lavender tea being the herbal equivelent to prozac. I thought what a load of old cobblers i am going to check this out, I went to John lewis Waitrose and got a jar of Bart Lavender buds and made some tea, I added a tea bag as well because im not into these herbal teas, but you know what? It really worked ! Now I have a cup of lavender plus Tetley on the nights I need to sleep and it really does work for me. Try it, you’ve nothing to lose.Dont tell anyone though ha-ha!