Amitriptyline long term

Hi I am undiagnosed at the moment but have been using Amitriptyline for 4+ years for pain and it helps me sleep.

Over the last year or so my nose seems to have got progressively dryer and tight if that makes sense. Asked my GP if there was a test to see if you had got to much amitriptyline in your body but she said this would not be relevant at the dosage I take of 10mg per night? Just wondered if anyone else had experienced anything like this?

Thx SH

Hi, I am also a long term user of amitriptyline. I believe it is a really good drug…for me anyway!

I take it for severe nerve pain and have been on 75mg at night for 15 years!

I dont sleep well due to it anymore, but I used to. I dont have any side effects and havent heard about the dry nose problem.

luv Pollx

Hi Polix Thx for your reply - sorry to hear your sleep is not so good as it was - Amitiptyline has helped me greatly over the years just this pesky nose issue now!! Will take it up with my Neuro next time I see him.

I dont post very often but have always followed the site over the years and you have previously answered one of my posts

so thx for that

SH xx