Medication for balance


Does anyone know of any medication I can take for balance problems? Any feedback would be gratefully received.



Hi Adrian, Is it dizziness/vertigo? There may be meds for that. However, if it’s just poor balance generally, without feeling sick/dizzy, you may be able to improve with dedicated physical exercises. You’d probably need to see a neuro physiotherapist, to assess you, and recommend something. Mine gave me a set of exercises which involved a lot of standing on one leg. I must admit, I detested them, and didn’t persevere very long. It wasn’t so much the balance that was the real problem, but my legs get pretty tired and achey just standing on two feet. Standing on one doubled the strain, and I used to dread doing them, in the end. You might have better luck, though. Tina

Hi Tina,

Thanks for responding. Both, I think. What is the medication? I’ld be interested in the exercises too.

You don’t have balance problems though do you?

I think I may be in relapse, so I’m hoping it will clear up. I’ve had it for over two months now and it has got worse recently.



I take stemitil for my vertigo / dizziness / balance. It works within half an hour. It’s my salvation!!

i bought a wii and the wii-fit with balance board.

it was really useful and showed me how out of alignment i was.

now i just go to the gym 3 times a week.

have you been diagnosed? if so you can ask to be referred to a neuro physiotherapist.

if not maybe your gp could refer you to a general physio

good luck with the wobbling!

carole x

Thanks. Yes I have been diagnosed. I’'ll see if I can get with a neuro physiotherapist in the New Year

I found this

from this site which is very helpful and this

Brain & Spine Foundation | Vestibular rehabilitation exercises.

I’ll try some of the excrecises and I will look up stemitil.

I did look up stemitil. So you must use it for labyrinthitis or something similar?

Thanks. I apreciate the response.


It is used for labrynthitis, which is what I thought I had, pre diagnosis, but it is used for MS also, to help the balance problems. It certainly works for me.

Thanks Catherine. I suppose you can get this from your Doctor? I think I am in relapse at the moment. I’ve had it in the past but not for so long. I’m hoping it will clear once the relapse has.

Yep…my GP prescribes it.

Thanks. Sorry that you feel crap btw. Hope you feel better soon. :slight_smile:

Hi Adrian

Sorry for any confusion. I’ve never tried the drug, but someone else has helpfully supplied the name - Stemetil.

Yes, I do have balance problems - that’s why I was prescribed exercises that involved standing on one leg. But I couldn’t really do them properly, for reasons I’m not sure were connected with balance. I found the leg I was meant to be balancing on just got too weak and achey. :frowning:

I was meant to do three sets of ten, but was lucky if I could manage two sets of three!

After a while, I started skipping those exercises, and eventually abandoned them altogether.

I was really only posting to mention they exist. Just because I didn’t get on with them doesn’t mean you wouldn’t. They probably might have helped my balance if I’d stuck with them, or if I hadn’t had such weak legs, that can’t really support me unless the load is shared.

Balance problems are quite complicated. It could be down to visual problems, problems with the balance centre of your brain, or with muscles being weak or uncoordinated.


Hi Adrian,

I had a relapse before my diagnosis and i suffered terrible balance/dizziness/vertigo problems.

I was given Stemitil by my gp but it did not help me. I then got my diagnosis soon after.

I started on rebif and at the same time i was sent to a neuro phisio. I got reffered by my gp. I went once a week to see her and we worked through exercises and she gave me some things to do at home. Some of the exercises made my balance worse but i persevered with it. I went for 6 months.

When i started i could not stand up for more than 4 seconds (they timed me! lol!) and very gradually i got better and better.

Was it the neuro phisio exercises that helped me? Was it the rebif? Was i coming out of the bad relapse? Who knows? Was it a combination of all of these things? I suppose i will never know.

All i can say is i came through it in the end. If i am unwell with something else then occasionally it flares up like an old injury.

6 months phisio is a bit extreme i know but i was pretty ill at this time as i had just given birth to my second child and the ms knocked me off my feet (literally!)

Hopefully things will improve for you soon.

Best wishes


Hi Tina/Teresa,

Thanks for that. My balance doesn’t sound as bad as yours Teresa. I feel like I’m on a boat all the time or when I am walking it feels like I am being pushed by someone. It’s really annoying but then MS is isn’t it? I think it is caused by damage to the cerebelum. I will give the Stemetil a go if it gets any worse. I think that I am in relapse at the moment, so hopefully it will get better once I am through that. I am taking large amounts of vtd3 at the moment and that seems to be helping overall but not my balance unfortunately.

Thanks for the replies. Really, really appreciated. A lot lof food for thought. :slight_smile:

Hope everyone has a good day.

Adrian x