Anyone taking Stemetil for balance/dizzyness problems?. I have just been prescribed it and just taken my first one with trepidation. reading the side effects and warnings in the leaflet i’m a bit worried if it’s safe or not. I’m also taking Pregabalin, Gp reckons it’s ok to take both together so i’ll take her word for it. Really hoping Stemetil is goinf to help, balance and dizziness really getting out of hand now and I think i’m going to have to stop working for a while, i’m just not safe Waiting for an appojntment with ENT Specialist and then probabaly surgery. After all that I will be reveiwed again to see what symptoms remain and will be referred back to neuro with “possible” MS. At least I don’t have to see my awful neuro while the ENt guy takes over, so every cloud… WOuld appreciate any experiences/advice about Stemetil. Thanks. xx

Hi Bunny, I was prescribed Stemietil when I was having a big relapse (although I was not dx at the time) GP thought I had labrynthitis. It made me a bit worse (felt sick, spaced out) but that was probably because my balance issue wasn’t vestibular in origin. I have heard others in the forum who have got on ok with it though. Hope it helps you a bit while waiting for the ENT appointment. Best of luck Laura x

I was taking it with betahistine everyday for about 3 years. I had to take them both together as individual just didn’t work. But got told to stop takin them as your not meant to be on them long term. I only take stemital when I really need it. It does help. Bunny have you been told what your condition is, what surgery will you need do you think?

Hi pinkprincess, i have tested positive for a vestibular condition, either perilymph fistula or some other long worded condition i cant remember the name of, superier something of the something canal. i had a VEMP test which came back as “very abnormal”. This condition doesn;t necessarily explain all of my symptoms such as weakness, pins and needles etc but does account for tinnitus, eye problems and of course the dizzyness and loss of balance. The audiological specialist who did the tests said i will need surgery but have to have another MRI first to establish if the problem is in both sides or one side of my inner ear. i think there are varied types of surgery some less invasive than others, so i’m hoping mine will be quite straight forward. The GP prescribed the Stemetil to keep me going until i get some proper treatment so hopefully won’t be on it long. She did warn me it may not work though so just have to wait and see. Does it take a while to work or would you expect to see results fairly quickly?

Hi Bunny! 10 years ago, I suffered a horrendous relapse of nausea and vertigo (before i was officially diagnosed 2013). It was by far the worst experience of my life. It fills me with dread just thinking about it!

I was prescribed Buccastem (does the same as Stemetil; Prochlorperazine based). It was a God send for me and got me back to work quite soon after starting the medication. I didn’t experience any side effects and it was very effective. Tracyann x

I was given STUGERON they were a god send Best thing I was given