Hi. Has anyone found any relief from using Stemetil tablets for dizziness? Mini x

Hi Mini

I was given these by my GP during my last relapse although we did not know i had MS at the time - thought i had labryinthitis.

I found they made me feel worse to be honest but i don’t know how much of it was the medicine and how much the relapse itself.

Hope they help you though x

Thanks Laura not doing much up to press :frowning: fed up! X

Hi mini I’m the same as Laura…I was initially diagnosed with labyrinthitis and put on stemitil. However when, a few weeks later, it turned out to be MS, my neuro told me to stop taking it immediately…I can’t give the medical explanation as I was in too much shock to listen properly but it was something about not allowing the brain to compensate and find new pathways around the damage…I’m sure someone will be along to explain it better !! Xx

Oh blimey they never told me that mrsH! X

I was prescribed this and it did nothing to help me if anything made the sevrre dizziness attacks last longer even though not quite as bad. I was given this before diagnosis and did stop around diagnosis but wasn’t related to the diagnosis. Tried something else didn’t work either :frowning:

It’s such a pain it’s doing my head in! Barney how did you manage at work with dizziness x

I have had it for so long that I am so ised to the world moving. It is a horrible feeling and wish I could find a solution. I have basically been told that I need to live with it. When it is getting really fast I just have to keep extremely still and close my eyes lie down is the best but not possible at work. It is my determination that keeps me going but it is really tough to work with it. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I wouldn’t be able to work a full day with it. I was discussing it with my boss yesterday ad the symptoms get worse when in a chair. Going to discuss at my workstation assessment that I need to have some head support as it is much better when my head is supported and not just being left on its own. While I was in hospital I couldn’t sit out in yhe chair I fell on the floor they had to use a hoist to get me back into bed, the next time thry tried it they found me slumped over the bed. The steroids have helped in I can now sit in a chair without falling out but the dizziness is still always there.

Sounds like you’re having a rough time with it :(. It’s awful I’m not back at work yet but I dont know how I’m going to work with this, suppose I’ve just got to give it a try. Good luck with your phased return, hope it works out for you x

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