I have been diagnosed with MS for 18years. In the last year I have had dizzy spells, often lightheaded and at its worst whirling and finding myself hanging on to the bed. Taking Serc. Can anyone give me helpful advice?

This is an awful symptom to have. I’ve had it so bad that i couldn’t stand up.

Have you tried Stemitil? (tablets for vertigo)

Are you rrms? could you be in relapse?

I was given Stemitil and steroids. I was in bed with it for a week when it was at its worst. I felt very sick also.

Once it settled down a little i was referred to a neuro phisio who helped me with balance/vertigo and my core strength.

I have not had it as severe since i’ve been on the dmd.

Hope that helps.


Feel for you, this is truly disabling. I have this very bad as you describe when feeling run down, stressed and over-exerted.

The only advice I can give is to get yourself in a position where the dizziness is tolerable, make yourself as comfy as possible and try and get some sleep/rest.

Usually when I wake the symptom(s) feel better if not subsided completely. If it is part of a relapse then seek advice from your nurse as it can take a long while for the symptoms to go and you may need steroids to help your body recover.

Stay well.


Hi, sorry but I can`t tell from your tag if you are male or female!

If you are the latter, could it be your age…and possibly the menopause?

If it is the former, then do men also get a kind of mid life change too?

Over the past 2/3 weeks, I am having these kind of dos most mornings around 11am.

They are different from my menopausal symptoms and my GP has altered my BP tablets. I need to see her, as i am still having the episodes.

Best see your`s too, eh?

luv Pollx

I had this back in November for about 5 weeks, when I lay down the room took off in a spin, doc gave me Stemetil which worked. I don’t know I fit was to do with ms or not but still awful.

Thanks for your replies. Am on Serc but your comments on stematil gives me another drug to talk to my GP about. I’m female and well past menopause to I know it’s not that but my mother died recently and I know that our loss will not help. Time to rest more, me thinks

Hello Kalkan,

I used to have such awful dizziness that I couldn’t look side to side or upwards without feeling sick and the room spinning and I am in a wheelchair.One day when i was have my weekly physiotherapy session the young man treating me said he knew abit about the condition and would I let him help.To cut a really long story short he took me as far as his knowledge would allow and then wrote to my neurologist who in turn sent me for tests at an Oncology Dept.[which included pouring water in my ears, and watching a spinning striped curtain whirling around me.Eight hours in all.I was then given a lot of eye exercises,which I still do,four years later ,and some five or six months later I was remarkably improved.I wont say I am completely free of the dizziness but it doesn’t interfere with my life now.

So if your problem persists perhaps it would be worth talking with someone about getting something similar.


Sue, thank you for your advice. I will contact my neurologist and ask if he will send me to his dizzy clinic. I long to be rid of this ghastly symptom.

Sometimes when I look up at pictures or sign posts or at movie listing in the cinema I get quite dizzy and feel like I am going to fall backwards

Hi Kalkan

Just be advised that if it gets to be called vertigo, this could lead to the loss of a driving licence.

I had one of the “room slowly rotating” attacks, along with loss of balance and extreme fatigue earlier in the week. My guess is that it was a mini-relapse (didn’t last long enough to call for steroids, though).


Sadly I made my own decision to give up driving. Hardest decision so far as I feel I have lost my freedom and independence but I felt I wasn’t driving as well as I had done and even with a left foot accelerator due to my dropped right foot I knew it was time to hang up my keys. Life is a bitch but hey, ho I never had an accident or points on my licence. So get on with a different life.

its awful when you have to make the decision to give up driving, i learnt to drive because i could not walk very far at all,so when i had to give driving up,it was my independance taken away for the 2nd time,it was the right decision though,i wasnt safe driving,but at least i knew it,hope you feel better soon,vertigo is no fun at all, its one of my most disabling symptoms,people think its just a bit of dizziness,mine leaves me in bed for weeks.

Morning, I’m going through this at the moment, I’ve been like this for the past 2 weeks, I take 16mg 3 x a day of Betahistine, but to be honest its not really working, saw my GP she confirmed that my MS is active,I have SPMS and she could see swelling at the back of my eye, I was and still am getting bad headaches with it, and I had a bad vomiting fit which according to the nurse is a classic sigh that the MS is active, my fatigue is also very high and the nerve pain is awful, have you seen anybody, or spoken to your GP or nurse, if not I think you should, take good care, Jean x x

Thanks for your kind supportive words as they help so much especially when symptoms are diverse and weird. Only people with MS really understand.

Dizziness so bad today Dr has taken me off serc and put me on stematil. Please God let it help as I feel rotten.