treatments for dizziness, poor balance and/or vision problems with RRMS

Hi all. hope all is well, and that everyone is happy and as well is as they can be.

I have been diagnosed as being in RR relapse 4(ish) weeks ago, and been prescribed 5 day IV steroids 4 weeks ago to alleviate my symptoms. I have noticed that some symptoms have reduced, including nausea (possibly due to taking betahistine hydrochloride and stopping with the stomach lining/ protection tablets).

I do have some improvement in dizziness and balance, but as I have to get to work in two weeks including driving a car 12 miles and undertaking a teaching role, it has been suggested that I should ask my GP for some assistance with my dizziness/ balance problems e.g. a change in medication for these symptoms.

Which leads me to a question… can anyone recommend and/or does anyone have a strong opinion with regards to medication to improve dizziness and/or poor balance. I also suffer from some occasional depth perception concerns but these are usually only when tired- I know there’s nothing for fatigue so I will not even ask for a good idea to combat THAT one!

With advanced thanks for anyone who can suggest anything, and continued best wishes/ hugs to all fellow sufferers, whether diagnosed or not


Hi all. hope all is well with everyone, and that everyone is happy and as well is as they can be. Which leads me to a question… I had IV steroids 4 weeks ago, which are supposed to alleviate symptoms and I have noticed that many of my symptoms have reduced including nusea (possibly due to me taking XXXX)but canne recommend/ have a strong opinion either way in regards to medication which can improve the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness?
  • Poor balance?

that’ll teach me to read documents first. i have to type larger on ‘word’ then cut and paste into this site… busted… damn!


i am going to read this with interest as this are 2 of my significant symptoms but haven’t found any medication that relieves my dizziness, they gave me so many before diagnosis. Sorry I am not more useful. I hope you are feeling better soon and it all eases off for you.

Take care


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Hi Barney

Thanks for adding to the thread, and glad (in the nicest way) that I’m not the only one. I hope we both get some answers soon, and wish you all the best for your symptoms to improve. Take good care of yourself mate.

Cheers Fluffs

Hi fluffs,

my nuero sent me to a physio who specialises in vestibular physio( balance), after a couple of vists to her and doing the exercises at home I noticed a remarkable difference. It might be worth trying,



i have coped with nausea/dizziness for 3 yrs now-losing 5 stone along the way!

cocculus works for me. have also tried domperidone and kwells but cocculus least side effects and doesnt give me even more issues to deal with. plaque confirms nausea according to neuro. i have loads of plaques but in particular a big cauliflower shaped one which covers/affects loads of things. hope u find something to suit u.

ps i also practise meditation with success too but that aint a quick fix…ellie

I have had constant vertigo for quite a few years now, I take BetaHistine 16Mg 3x a day. It makes a huge difference. It took about a week to start working but I knew right away that it was working as the dizziness all but disappeared one afternoon.