Any one else experience these symptoms

Hi. I virtually have no balance. Not a day goes by that I dont have any symptoms. Pain in legs and arms I can manage. But the balance problems get me down. Never have 2 days the same. Either i walk as if im drunk staggering all over place in to walls etc. When walking feel as if ground comes up to meet me. And also get feeling as being on a lift/boat all time and makes me feel bit sick. But worse episode of them all is when my legs totally go from me. This happened today in work and manager and taxi driver had to help me out to taxi. Could not get up from my desk. Feels as tho stuck to my chair. Legs feel like lead. Then when i do get up im totally wobbly swaying all over the place. Had to shuffle feet to get out to car. Also dont have any coordination in my arms and they are very floppy. I call them spaghetti arms.and speech gets slurred. I always get embarrassed when have one of these episodes. Always lasts about 3 hours. Had to come straight in from work have a nap. Now im back to walking as if im drunk and staggering all over place. I am taken more and more of these episodes. Just wondered if anyone else experiences any these symptoms

hi violet

really sorry to hear this. it sounds like i am in relapse (like i am at the moment). generally speaking i can’t walk without an aid of some sort and even out of relapse i use a crutch- i guess that is my new ‘normal’, to feel dizzy and have poor balance. i suffer from pain in my left leg usually as well (aside from that i am a really happy man believe it or not!)

your post doesn’t mention any medication you’re on. i have betahistine which helps balance/ dizziness, pregablin for pain/sleep (only take it in evenings), naproxen for leg (sciatica apparently) and a whole bunch of other pills for a variety of reasons.

I would (assuming you’ve not already) ask your gp or neuro for some assistance with the balance problems, which could include physiotherapy.

do not think that nothing can be done- im not back to what i was pre-relapse, but i am in a much better place with the medication that i am on.

take care, fluffyollie xx

Thanks for reply. I take serc16 for balance. Pregablin for nerve pain. Also been on tecfidera for 8 months. Ms nurse and neurologist aware of my balance problems. Have been waiting nearly year now to see physio. Just wondered if anybody experiences the different symptoms. Or has more than one symptom at a time

Thanks may. Neuro said they werent relapses as only last 3 hrs. But it had all signs of relapse. Just call it episode. I was working full time. But took bad relapse last yr. Ended in hospital was off work 7 wks. Since then ive gone down hill so im now working part time. But not sure how long ill be able to do that even tho sat at desk all day. I get very tired need to have nap in the afternoon. X

I’ve had the same symptoms but not as severe. My balance has been off for almost a year now and when going to see my GP I would always describe it as ‘being drunk’ or ‘walking on eggshells’. My legs also suffer badly at times and feel like I’ve got two big wet bags of sand wrapped around them. Since having a 5 day steroid infusion about 2 months ago I’ve coped well, the balance has always been poor though and I think it always will be. Now though I feel my legs getting back to their worst and am starting to struggle again.

Take care,

Kris x

Thanks may. Not sure if tecfidera working. Not aimed to help reduce symptoms but suppose to reduce relapses. And who knows if id have had any more relapses in past 8 months. Next appointment with neuro not until may. And been recording everything in a diary for him. Not sure what i think of ms nurse. She keeps saying she will chase physio up again. And all she does is just takes my blood and urine sample. I did ask her if i had secondry ms. She said it wasnt and that i wudnt be on tecfidera if i did. Also my last mri which had last july didnt show any recent brain activity. But legions where getting bigger, but that was to be expected, not sure what they mean by that. I have appointment with my gp monday she very good doctor. Will get her to chase physio up. Prob have more luck. Just wish there was something that could make my balance come back. Pains i can deal with.

Thanks kris. Its horrible the balance problems and i dont think ppl realise how bad it can be. And how immobilized it can leave you. xx

hi violet

your symptoms are severe and long lasting.

hope physio helps you when you eventually get it.

when first diagnosed i got a wii fit and used it every day.

it shows your centre of gravity and mine showed why my balance was off.

you can correct your posture so that you are in line with your centre of gravity.

at my worse i needed a chair to hold onto for balance.

could be worth a try if you could borrow one from somebody.

carole x

Thanks carole. I do have wii fit . But stopped using as couldnt stand to do anything with it. Might get it out try again