medication and alcohol

I am currently on baclofen 10mg x 6 a day and 60mg duloxetine and was wondering if i can have alcohol with this. Now i am only talking about the odd glass of wine on a night out etc i dont drink often at all, havent dont for over 6 months at least. i am going on holiday and it would be nice to have a glass of cold wine but both drugs say avoid alcohol but does anyone have any advice??

thanks in advance


Hi there, I take a similar amount of baclofen and have the odd drink every couple of weeks…generally fine and no side effects…apart from being such a lightweight!!!

Hi Jooly,

Dunno about duloxetine, but I’m on the same dose of Baclofen as you, and I certainly haven’t become teetotal over it!

They’re not toxic in combination, but I think the main worry is both can cause weakness/drowsiness, so if you combine them you may get more intoxicated than expected, and so be more prone to accidents.

I’ve never had any problems at all. I think if you are AWARE you might be more affected, it mitigates most of the danger.

I’m quite sure others here mix alcohol and MS drugs - I’m not unique in deciding I’ll take the chance. If there was a potentially fatal interaction, it would definitely say in much stronger terms: “You MUST NOT drink with this drug”. Basically, if it’s only a recommendation, you can still do it, but just be sensible.