Baclofen is anyone else taking?!?

Hi all. Quick question. I am taking Baclofen and wondering if anyone that takes this can offer some advice. I have a family meal out planned tonight and a nephews birthday party at the weekend and am wondering if alcohol is going to be ok or if it should be avoided. I am not a big drinker but would love to have a cocktail or two at each event. Wouldn’t have more than 2 in any case. What would be your advise to drink or not to drink. The last thing I want is to make myself feel worse than I already do!? Thanks in advance. Steph

Hi Steph,

You probably shouldn’t construe this as a recommendation, but I’ve never changed my drinking habits with it. I’ve got enough to put up with already, without giving up every little treat. I’ve never even considered stopping!

They don’t cause a horrendous toxic interaction or anything. All you need to be aware of is alcohol can make you a bit drowsy, and so can Baclofen. So IF you are affected (not everybody is much), be especially careful about mixing them. You just might feel more drunk than expected, for the amount of alcohol, so you might be more at risk of accidents. But if you’re aware you could feel drunk more quickly than usual, you can pace it accordingly anyway. Two doesn’t sound much of an issue, in any case. I assume you are not proposing to drive?


Hi thanks Tina. No I can’t drive anyway due to eyesight as a result of ON. My only worry is I take my Baclofen at my evening meal and do usually feel drowsy afterwards. But I am also suffering with fatigue a lot at the moment. Hhmm I think I might give the drinks a miss or maybe just have the one. Thanks for your advise. Steph

Yeah, you could just see how it goes. I was thinking that. If you feel a bit woozy after one, you don’t have to have a second, do you?

Alternatively, I have not found Baclofen that time-critical. Just for one night, couldn’t you adjust the timing of your pill 'til you are home anyway?

I do start getting a bit stiff if my Baclofen is wearing off, but then again, if I’m consuming alcohol (another muscle-relaxant) it tends to counter the effects of being a bit late with my dose.

When I’m out and about, I certainly don’t set an alarm to say: “You’ve got to take your Baclofen now!” I either take it when convenient (whenever there’s a suitable break), or let the degree of stiffness decide. If I can tell the last lot’s nearly worn off, I’ll be thinking about the next suitable opportunity.


Yeah I agrees Tina. Thanks for your advise. I will have one tonight with my family meal and see how it affects and use that to make a decision about the party at weekend. Thanks again Steph


Yes completely agree with anitra, I vary my baclofen on the occasional night out I do have a drink and have very little side effects.

I try not to let my ms get in the way of a good night!


Thanks very much schoey23. Yeah I think I will give one a try tonight see how I feel. Also think will take my dose at lunch time instead of dinner. Thanks again Steph

OH Steph - Go out and enjoy yourself - leave off the baclofen until you get into bed. l did try baclofen and tizanidine but they both caused terrible weakness and fatigue for me. l would rather be stiff then weak and wobbly. Since then l started taking LDN -been on it for a few years now - and it made a big difference to me and my outlook to life. Luckilly, l do get Sativex on prescription -which l do take just before going to bed - allows me to stretch out in bed without the spasticity/spasms and get better sleep.

Have a good time.

Thanks spacejacket. I like your outlook Thanks Steph

Hi Steph

I take 4 x 10mg Baclofen per day and also 3 x 300mg Gabapentin per day.

I haven’t had any adverse effects when drinking alcohol (other than usual ones you get when you drink too much!).

Have fun


Thanks Jakezander I will be trying a cocktail tonight after all this fab advise. Steph

Hi Steph

I’ve been taking 30mg per day for 8 years and I have been fine when drinking alcohol. I only have 2 glasses of wine when I am out for a function but have had no problems at all. I must admit I usually have a glass o water before bed so I expect that helps.

Hope you have a lovely time and enjoy yourself!

Shazzie xx

Hi Steph,

When I was given bacolfen and it said ‘do not take with alcohol’ I told my MS nurse I could live with MS for the rest of my life but not without alcohol ( don’t drink much but nice to have ).

Nurse said it was fine in moderation. As someone said it doesn’t cause a toxic reaction. Baclofen is a muscle relaxant and so is alcohol so it will have more effect on you. Means you might feel the effects quicker - cheap date!!

Have fun, enjoy yourself and have some good nights out. Sitting down and drinking is something nearly everyone with MS can do. ha.

Jen x

Thanks so much for all your advise. I am out with an old work friend tonight but its nice to know for my wedding anniversary and hubby’s b day next month. Thanks guys Steph

Hi, I know you`ve probably already found your answer, but can I add that I am a rare tippler too, but an occassional glass or two of vino-ish stuff should be ok.

Maybe leave the evening dose till bedtime.

Enjoy the special times.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll I am so grateful for everyone’s responses. Steph

Hi, ive had not issues on baclofen and having a few drinks!!! As others have said don’ttake it till you get home!!

Enjoy yourself!!

Kate x