I’m having a lager or more tonight so stuff the Baclofen…I’ll give it a miss… :smiley:

Go for it we all need some fun sometimes and let our hair down, i used to be on Baclofen but it did nothing now they are saying the dose was too low , twice i had it and twice the same dose doh :slight_smile: i gave up drinking the day i got married (not cause i said yes lol ) but the meds made it impossible to drink anymore , but now ive dumped aload of meds im gonna get a few Southern Comforts or Rebel yell real soon :slight_smile: have a good time


The way I look at it is until there’s a cure I might as well enjoy life now and then… And If that happens to involve alcohol, then so be it. :slight_smile:

I normally drink and take my meds but I definatly remember baclofen when I had it made me very woosie on very little beer but when I got used to it I never noticed the difference.