Baclofen v Alcohol

I was prescribed Baclofen after diagnosis, to control my leg & arm spasums. But dont take it as i find a few (low alcohol), beers instead at night relaxes me, controls spasums, picks me up mentaly and helps me sleep. I dont want to rely on alcohol every night as it makes me feel like crap in the morning …so i did a quick 2 day test:

For two days i drank as normal, felt ok, chatty, perked up, gave me motivation to do some small jobs round the house, even managed to put the washing out on the line, brought it in & went to bed, no spasums, fell fast asleep… no probs, but woke up slightly hung over.

The next two days i didnt drink any alcohol, but took the baclofen instead after food and just before bed as prescribed, to control the spasums. OK, no spasums… but my energy levels had gone, i found myself just sitting and staring into space, had no desire to talk to anyone or to get up and wash the pots. I felt like jelly. THEN… whilst picking up a sock from the other days washing to put it in the draw, my legs gave way, i fell to my knees, blacked out and nose dived into the chest of draws… badly grazzing the left side of my face. Hardly got any sleep coz of the pain, the spasums returned, I woke up with a very swollen face and blooded pillows… id have prefered the hangover.

Maybe Baclofen works in different ways for people, but it reminded me why i wont take it. Its to much of a muscle relaxent for me. So tonight ive had a few beers instead… just to be on the safe side, to numb the pain & to ready for a good nights sleep :slight_smile:

Blimey Dave that sounds a bit dangerous to say the least.

Next time you take it get into bed before they kick in. Yep a few beers sounds much safer.

Pat x


Firstly, sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you’re ok.

I sometimes do Baclofen AND alcohol. Usually a beer or two and a few glasses of wine with evening meal, off to bed at 10pm minutes after taking 2 baclofen tabs. I now sleep soundly and my leg is not forever kicking my wife all night.

However, mornings are slightly harder re getting up and active, but am usually fine by about 9. Kids have noticed I’m slower in the mornings, even after the alcohol-free nights. So long as I can get em on the bus and start work by 9 I’m happy.

There’s nothing worse that sleep deprivation, so do whatever it takes imo.

Hi Dave

I tried Baclofen for a few weeks to help my my legs but like you just made me feel spaced out and the fact that can’t drink with it didn’t help couldn’t give up the drink every time I try a new drug my friend ask’s can she drink with that… I sound like a right alcoholic, a drink at night does relax you and sends me off to sleep just the head ache in the morning that’s a pain…it seams to take longer to get over hangovers these days not sure if that’s the MS or age…

There’s other drugs out there you could try its worth asking your doctor.

Good Luck

Sue x

Hi Dave

I get so many headaches, dizzy spells and feeling worn out, tired with Baclofen that I have stopped taking it. I am coming to the conclusion that MS drugs are there to make a profit for the drug companies and not to try to help us!

Hi Dave have you tryed magnesium 300mg tablets l only take one a day just now there help me a lot to stop the cramps and a little with the spasums try them. regards Jan

Thanks guys, i do a few leg stretching exercises to help with the spasums but will have to make an appointment with my GP as told by my MS nurse, to find out about all these wierd & wonderful drugs that have been mentioned… nothing beats a good old cigarette and a few beers though :wink:

Haha… well I don’t drink any more but when I gave up smoking for 5 months last year my MS symptoms seemed much much worse… and then better when I started again.

May have been placebo of course… but hey, don’t knock a good placebo effect eh?

Pat x