Medical Review Licence

Well, it seems that my Doctors practice have finally filled in the questionnaire from the DVLA as I’ve had a letter today asking me to send back my licence back today so they can issue a Medical Review Licence!!!

I haven’t called my insurance yet BUT is this going to make a huge different to my premium? Does anyone know? Is this standard procedure when you’ve been diagnosed?

You’ve only got to say that you own a cat and they’ll put the premiums up.

My insurance didn’t go up at all.

Hi , I don’t think they can raise your premium as long as the DVLA are aware , and allow you to continue driving

The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 makes it illegal for insurers to refuse any disabled person cover on the grounds of their disability. Equally, insurers are not allowed to charge disabled people more for their car insurance policy on account of their disability.

Thank you, I’ll call them tomorrow. They already know I have MS but I haven’t spoken to them as only got the letter from the DVLA. I keep forgetting that I’m disabled, thanks for the link Whammel, i’ll have a look now.

The DVLA haven’t put any restrictions on me so my insurance stays the same, that’s a relief.

No your ins premium will not go up. It’s illegal for them to increase it. All that will happen is a new certificate of ins will be issued.

Make sure you do tell the ins company though otherwise your ins is invalid.

Having a 3 year licence means you are just like anyone else and as capable of driving as them - insurance company should treat you just the same as anyone else who has a licence