Car insurance for newly diagnosed

Hello- I’ve just been diagnosed with MS. My symptoms are mild and infrequent and my mobility / eyesight are not currently affected. The DVLA have re- issued my licence - to be reviewed in 2 years. Looking for recommendations for MS friendly car insurers, thanks in advance!

Inform your current insurer and it shouldn’t have any change when renewing with a different company. Im wondering why you only have a 2 year licence. Its usually 3 years.

many car insurers don’t even ask any questions about health issues - even if they do they can’t charge more because of any disability. You may ask your insurer to make a note of your m.s. but it wont affect the cost The important thing is that the DVLA are informed. And remember to HAGGLE over quotes.

Just checked and my licence is 3 years. Thanks for the replies !