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As you know I have recently been diagnosed with MS but I am not suffering from any mobility issues etc…

Do I need to inform my car insurance? I have already informed the DVLA.


Not sure of the l legalities but I have always informed them (just in case) it never costs me any more to insure.

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I waited to i got a reply back from the DVLA.

They have put me on a 3 year restricted licence.

I then phoned my car insurance company and updated my account. Didn’t make any difference to the premium.

I’m sure they are not allowed to increase the premium.

You do need to notify them. It is classed as a ‘material fact’, I think that is the term they use. In other words if it is a contributing factor in any claim and you haven’t notified them, it could make your insurance void and they could refuse to pay out! (Insurance companies love any excuse to wriggle out of a claim so don’t give them a reason )

You just need to say that you have a medical condition that DVLA are aware of and that you are on a 3 year restricted licence. They don’t need to know any more than that and they are not allowed to increase your premium as that would be discrimination.

When you go on insurance comparison sites now looking for the cheapest option, this comes up as a question which saves the hassle of telling them. It’s just an easy tick box and then they are aware without any extra phone calls. I’m going through that process now as it’s renewal time and I’m sure I can save some money …

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cheers all i will wait for confirmation from DVLA about restricted license then inform my insurance company.