Medical Insurance

My daughter is currently undergoing (A)HSCT privately at London Bridge Hospital. She’s very lucky that, as a family, we can find the money (£80,000 and counting!).

She has medical insurance with Allianz. They are refusing to pay out on the grounds that this is experimental treatment and therefore unproven.

They refuse to listen to any arguments from anybody (top MS Consultants included). Has anybody managed to claim for this treatment from an insurance company?

Based on my experience with Travel insurance, I would expect to consult with the insurer before doing anything. As MS is not an emergency, I would have thought it was prudent to ask. It will boil down to the wording of the policy.

I hope that your daughter benefits greatly from the treatment. One hears wonderful things.

I hope also that people have encouraging reports on insurance funding, but must admit that sounds like a much longer shot.

Good luck to you and your family.

Thank you so much for responding. My experience with insurance companies is much like you describe. We went ahead privately because things were becoming critical. We have since discovered that some companies, eg BUPA, do pay for HSCT.

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My experience with travel insurance was nothing to do with MS. A summary is if it is on their standard list of conditions it is fine. However, even though it was a critical optical emergency they did not comprehend the report written in Spanish as they said in their documentation they could translate. In the end we arranged earlier flights back ourselves as they were not doing anything.
With most non emergency situations the policy will expect you to use their claims system first whether this car, house or medical.

Can you tell me how your daughter is now please after the treatment