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Hi Help, Ive been under the neurologist since July 2012 after having brain inflammation and back surgery!!! After Appointment after appointment I have an ms nurse and awaiting my Lumber Puncture in Jan for hopefully a clearer picture! I’m worried about paying my mortgage if I have an episode. My son is 2 and my husband is fab but he can’t pay it all! As I’ve not been fully diagnosed as yet ( but lots on my medical notes referring to it ) would Insurance Cover be accepted or not??? Anyone tried before diagnosis ? Thanx Claire

Hi Claire, and welcome to the site

I doubt that an insurance company would pay out if your diagnosis is not confirmed, sorry.

There may be benefits you could claim though, e.g. ESA and DLA. These might help cover the income shortfall. You can check what you’re entitled to here:

Good luck with the rest of your diagnosis journey.

Karen x

Hey Karen, Thanx I prob didn’t make sense! I meant to get a cover starting now, would I be accepted ? Thanks Claire xxxxx

Ah! Sorry :slight_smile:

Not a prayer I think. Even if it was, they would probably run a mile and say you hadn’t fully disclosed everything if you made a claim.



Karen the website is great Thank u xxxx

Yeah our thinking 2 Karen Thank you soooo much xxxxxxx

Hi Claire,

I tried that one too. I was in exactly the same position, undiagnosed and having tests done. Unfortunately, it will all be on your GP’s notes and they will want to have a summary of those. They postponed their decision until after the results of my second MRI had come through. I have been diagnosed, so there is no chance really. Good thought though.

Adrian x

Hi Claire

I have had a critical illness policy for just under 2 years now. At the application stage I was told that due to my age (27 at the time) no full medical questionaire was required but that I need to state any conditions I had already been diagnosed with. At that time the only thing in my medical notes of relevance was migraine (I had suffered from this since the age of 16). The symptoms of the migraine began to change shortly after I took out the critical illness policy - the symptoms were pain down the left side of my face, behind my left eye and down into my left shoulder blade. At times I also experienced weakness in the left arm and tingling sensations in my fingers. These were all bracketed under migraine symptoms and I was referred to Neurology for a possible trapped nerve. MRI of the cervical spine came back clear and as I was not experiencing migraine around that time no further investigation was done and my GP said it must just be a severe form of migraine and I was sent on my merry way.

Over the next year other symptoms began to creep in, UTI’s, bowel urgency, widespread spasms etc, so I was back and forth to the doctors. After more tests I was finally diagnosed with RRMS and was told I’d probably had it for years.

My partner and I decided it would be best for me to reduce my hours at work but in order to do this my critical illness policy would need to pay out, so I made a claim. It was rejected as there was a loop-hole that if the policy was still within its first two years there were a list of ‘related symptoms’ which would invalidate the policy. One of the related symptoms to MS was tingling or weakness of a limb. These sensations were documented in my medical history well before the policy was taken out but were always put down to the migraines. MS was never mentioned until my diagnosis which was approx 20 months after I had taken the policy out.

I have been trying to fight their decision but it doesn’t look like I will win. My main gripe was that when I took the policy out I told them I suffered from migraine but they never asked for a full list of symptoms and never requested my medical history, so how can the reject a claim. I feel like I have been conned into paying a policy for 2 years which is completely useless. I took the policy out in an attempt to protect my family but I have actually lost money on it.

If I try to take out another policy I will not be covered for MS.

So it just goes to show that even when you think you have done the right thing by taking out insurance it doesn’t mean it will definately be there to help when you need it.

Hi Anon,

Surely you can appeal against their decision? The FSA or some other body? That can’t be right.


I think its DrGeoff who knows about theses sorts of things.He might be able to give you some info.


Thank u so much guys for the quick advise. I’m lovin this forum Love Claire xxxx