Getting the right insurance before potential diagnosis

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding insurances and the HSCT treatment for MS. I haven’t yet been diagnosed, but I am currently facing this potentiality and I like to be ahead of what could be coming; for the info, I have my MRIs in a couple of weeks.

I live in continental Europe, and I was wondering if there are some insurances that would cover, partially or fully, HSCT abroad if I was to be diagnosed (i.e. in facilities such as the ones in Chicago, Russia and Mexico). The treatment cost varies between 50,000 US dollar to 120,000 US dollar (yeah, expensive I know). It seems that a lot of people are exclusively relying on personal funds, which is why I am wondering whether certain insurances could potentially help in such a situation?

While I respect the fact that some people would not consider HSCT as a viable option, whatever their reasons are, I came to my own conclusion that if I was to be diagnosed, I would do anything to try this treatment while still being in the early stage of the disease; if I manage to get the money, of course.

Any of your opinion is welcomed, from MSers or potential ones.

Wishing everyone a great day!

If such insurance cover existed (and I am not sure that it does) then you would have it in place already, having taken it out when you were in perfect health and had not a neurological care in the world.

If you do not have such cover in place already, it (to all practical purposes) does not exist. Not for you, anyway: no insurer under God’s heaven would insure you against something that was rather likely to happen (as in your case, in which you have neurological concerns already even though you do not have a diagnosis). I am very sorry, but it’s the way of the world - insurers only sell umbrellas in fair weather, not when the storm clouds are gathering.


a bank loan?