Holiday insurance problems due to hospital appointment

Hi, I am hoping someone can help.

I am having difficulty with getting holiday insurance as I am awaiting to see a specialist to see if I qualify for Tecfidera. There is a question that suggests if have a hospital appointment and you are waiting for treatment your condition will not be covered. I have had one company refuse to cover my MS because of it. Going into bank holiday weekend having found a company that I thought would cover me, I am now not sure and can’t call until Tuesday. I am getting myself so upset by it all. I haven’t been abroad apart from across channel or had a hot holiday abroad since my diagnosis three years ago.

I am getting all puffy eyed and making myself ill as I have just booked a holiday after three years of saving and now don’t know if I can go.

I wondered if anyone has had similar problems and found a company they could suggest trying?

Thank tou

mish x

Hi Mish,

I had to cancel all my holidays this winter because with an outstanding Neurology referral the Insurance wouldn’t cover me. My Insurance company said if I got a Drs letter saying I was fit to travel they would cover me but not for anything related to my Neurological condition. My Drs said No to a fit to travel letter so I was very upset but had to accept I was grounded.

Hoping now I have a diagnosis I will be able to get covered next time I want to go away…

Hoping you can sort your cover to take your holiday.


My travel insurance would cover me for everything apart from the MS. My husband is covered for everything apart from lymphoma. My son is covered for everything apart from episodic ataxia.

We have been abroad 3 times in the last 5 years under these terms and have not had a problem. Your holiday clearly means a lot to you. Is it worth taking a gamble? How likely are you to relapse during two weeks rest and relaxation? Try not to worry and upset yourself about this as it’s likely to make you ill.


Thank you for your comments.

If I can’t get my MS covered I will not take the risk going abroad. Having had a bad relapse three years ago I know how bits of you completely stop working which makes me to nervous to go without insurance. Last time my arm and hand stopped working and it took me seven months to learn to write again. Over the past three years I have had a couple of more minor relapses but also seen some general deterioration in my legs and fatigue levels that make me constantly aware of my limitations.

It does mean a lot to me. It is possibly last holiday with my boys as they are now grown up and may not want to go with mum and dad much more. Also my battery life is becoming so short I am not sure how well I will feel to enjoy my week away. However despite my doom and gloom I was really excited about going until this problem came up.

So I shall keep looking for now.

Thank you x

Hi Mish,

Have you tried the MS Trust they have a company on their site that cover people with MS. Not tried them myself yet but might stop u having to cancel. Is your trip to Europe?


I hope I am allowed to post this link - it’s for a page on the MS Trust website. It could be seen as an ad so if the moderators want to take it down please go ahead.

The MS Trust have helped the insurance company to create a starting point for finding insurance that covers people with MS and their families. That’s definitely a bit of an ad, I suppose. The MS Trust does not recommend any insurance company and does recommend shopping around.

I have not used this insurance company so I have not idea if they are any good or not. Last time I went abroad on holiday I had to take out insurance just for me to cover my MS - my other half has travel insurance that comes with his bank account. We checked and found my MS was specifically not covered. As any accident I was likely to have would probably be caused by my MS wobbliness that was no good! And would I be able to prove it wasn’t caused by my MS even if was nothing to do with my MS? So I got my own travel/health insurance just for peace of mind. I’m pleased to say although I was absolutely exhausted I didn’t need my insurance :slight_smile:

Have a good trip if you’re going away everyone!


Thank you so much for your advice.

I have just taken out insurance through MS society. It was more than other quotes but worth it for peace of mind :slight_smile:

My hubby found me downstairs in a puddle of tears at 3am this morning thinking I couldn’t go. But all is well with the world again…although I have somewhat exhausted myself for the day!

I have had my head happily stuck in sand for past three years since my dx. However trying to get travel insurance has really rammed it down my throat some what and made me really emotional. :frowning: still sorted now.

Hi Mich,

So pleased for you. Have a fantastic holiday.


Hi Mish,

Good old Post Office best cover; cheapest

The medical exemptions do not exempt me and I’m in a wheelchair.


lts a while since l have been abroad - but never had a problem getting insurance. The Post Office is brilliant. My family often use them for ski-ing holidays and my oh is diabetic. We are not such a ‘risk’ as people with heart problems/breathing difficulties etc. And there is no real emergency treatment for us except perhaps uti’s. And for this - your GP would be able to help with a prescription for anti-biotics for ‘just in case’.

Now stop worrying - look after yourself - and enjoy your well earned holiday.

Really pleased to read that your holiday is going to go ahead. Enjoy!

Thank you

Next time I will check out post office insurance,hadn’t thought about them. I didn’t have a problem before when we went to France for a few days but then I didn’t have a hospital appointment which was what put a spanner in the works, so to speak.

I am very glad that you have solved your problem and I can really relate to something like that really bringing it all home to roost.

I share your view that there’s no use taking out travel insurance that doesn’t cover the thing that is most likely to go the matter with you, by the way. What I buy with travel insurance is peace of mind, and where would be the peace of mind in that?!

Have a lovely holiday.