Maybe getting somewhere now

Hi,those of you that have read my previous posts will know i’m not dx yet and had a disaterous Neuro appt where he told me I was just depressed. This was despite being referred by a higher qualified neuro surgeon who had been looking into my back problems and the fact that I have 7 lesions on brain. Anyway, GP has referred me for a 2nd opinion with a different neuro and the meantime I have been asked to get as many copies of reports/letters etc from health professionals as possible. I emailed the surgeons secretary today asking for a copy of the referral letter the surgeon sent to the Neuro consultant as thought it would be helpful to see what surgeons veiw was. And low and behold, he refrred me because the scan indicated “demyalation”. I know that’s just one of the many things look for when diagnosing MS, but the awful neuro consultant i had didn’t even mention that! Also hospital are sending me copy of brain MRi and radiologist report today. I’m pleased I will have more info to go on than just neuro’s verbal opinion of depression. I feel better knowing this isn’t all in my head after all! Also had a kind of eureka moment after I read a post on here today about Fibromyalgia, I had forgotten until recently that my mum had FM, she had cancer too so assumed that was cause of most her symptoms. But looking more deeply into FM the symptoms are almost identical and if you have family history it’s highly possible that you could get it, so gonna bring that up at my 2nd opinion consultation. Got a “back to work” interview with HR tomorrow so i’m pleased that I may be able to hold them off from demoting/sacking me for a bit as starting to gather more concrete info now that there is actually something wrong.

It sounds positive that you are moving closer to finding answers. Good luck for The HR meeting today x

Good luck hun. Glad you are getting somewhere! X

Thankyou. HR meeting was great, they ae still going to spport me on full pay for the foreseable future even though I will be doing a phased return by doing half days only and working from home at least once a week. I will retain my managerial position and salary but some of responsibilites will be delegated elsewhere for obvious reasons. I am so lucky, they really have been brilliant.They said they will only look at reducing mt hours permanently or changing my role if my eventual diagnosis of “whatever” means i will not be able to work full time anymore. Lets just keep fingers crossed that the 2nd opinion is helpful, xxx

Glad things are moving a bit and that you have a supportive hr. Hope you getssome answers X

That’s awesome hun x