Finally getting somewhere!

Thought I would post with an update as to progress with everything now. Blood results are back and neuros secretary is faxing them over to the gp - got a gp appointment on Friday. So should be able to rule things out and see if there’s any abnormalities. If bloods are all clear then gp is going to send me for a thyroid blood test to check that’s not the cause of the hair loss and other symptoms that don’t fit with ms. Also going to push the gp on the vitamin b12 issue depending on the result now that I’ve been on high supplements. Spinal MRI scan booked in for this thursday. Lumbar puncture date booked for next week on Tuesday 21st August. VEP and SSEP tests booked in for Wednesday 29th August. Now just waiting for date for PET scan. After months and months I’m finally getting somewhere. Just want to say to everyone who’s waiting for appointments for tests that it’s the best feeling when you finally get the appointment dates and hang in there because they will happen eventually

Hi Karina, well done… you really are getting somewhere now.

Hopefully won’t have to wait too long for some answers.

Good luck with it all.

Pat x

That’s awesome news Karina. I really hope you start to get the answers ou need now.

Good luck



Thanks so much you guys- you’ve been amazing - and rizzo too! I don’t know what people would do without you. Will let you know once I’ve been to the doctors as to what the blood tests show if anything