May be offensive if you are Oirish,blonde,are fully metricated or made of wood

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Lol again, he he, I’m blonde, not offended

ha ha!

i’m an ex blonde, now have pink hair.

no irish in me though

I’m a faded redhead with blonde highlights…what as laugh

Irish in me though. My dad was always calling me an Irish tattie…can’t think why

'Spose I’m a fading quarter Oirish red head,but I’d rather burn out

Wb x

I can come and put yah a few foils in if yah like Wb! What colour do yah fancy…wild red

I’m blonde and it didn’t offend me.

Quite mild for you Wb I thought,

Shazzie x

Why are Irish jokes so simple?

So that the English can get the point!

I once worked in Dublin, and was on the wrong end of several English jokes.
On my travels, I’ve noted a tendency for most populations to have someone else to laugh at.

The Canadians tell jokes about “Newfies” - that is to say people from Newfoundland.
The Americans joke about the Poles.
The Poles used to joke about the Russians (and I heard some very good ones back in the days before they got their independence).
The Germans joke about the Dutch (****ing cheeseheads).
The French joke about the Belgians.
And so it goes on …

And for the benefit of any blondes - I have typed this very slowly!