Joke locked

I enjoyed you joke very much Don but can’t comment on the thread because it’s locked.

Jan x

I’ve shared it on my facebook page, so I must also have innocently offended people too

I liked it. I assumed it was locked because there are doubtless some slightly deranged, hyper-sensitive folk out there who might consider the precise wording contained within the joke to be demeaning to people who say ‘me’ instead of ‘my’ in their daily lives. Most of them tend to reside north of Hadrian’s Wall, or in the North/Midlands. (check your privilege, and all that)

I removed all the references to Irish and the comment by his grandmother, it made me smile Iwonder whoin the admin thought it warrented lockingit out

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My maiden name is Maguire…plenty of Irish in my family :slight_smile: I was highly amused by the joke :slight_smile:

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Good joke. I don’t know how anyone could take offence at it.

Dale Collins

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Why delete the title? Irish people are well known for telling a good story…I’ve listened to plenty

The name Paddy, could be seen by some to be an ethnic slur for an irishman. However, go back as far as 1798, Lord Edward FitzGerald, a major leader of the united Irishmen proclaimed himself proudly “a paddy and no more” and stated that “he desired no other title than this.”

Seems the name was good enough for a Lord…fancy spoiling a good joke…very disappointing…bad show in my book


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I wonder if admin will reply and give us a reason as to why it was locked down?


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I hope they do Don because things like this really irritate me and I would like an explanation. I’m pretty sure, most of us on this forum are big enough to speak up if we feel offended by someone’s post. There is also the anon facility availalble. It’s a long time since I left school…I don’t need baby sitting.

Noreen x


I never saw the joke but echo Noreen’s post. I don’t think any one of us needs treating like kids, we all know how to speak up of we feel someone’s been out of order, but the Irish aren’t as teased as much as blondes and my daughter is one and is very brainy but makes jokes about blondes herself.

Cath xx

Oh come on admin, I would have thought laughing is a good tonic for everyone, there was no malice involved.


Agree totally Pam, I would go completely lala without the jokes & the sometimes lighthearted Look from this forum, things are bad enough,

Still no admin reply

There is reasonable probablility that any member of the public may chance upon such a joke on this website- (and don’t forget, Google searches tend to lead visitors to the forum more than any other part of the website).

Were this to happen and somebody chance upon such a joke, we could be in for some ugly publicity and possible legal action.

This is a reality- whether you agree with the principle or not. Damage to the reputation of the MS Society could prove financially ruinous and can be very difficult to re-establish.

In our Terms of Use (which I understand people are highly unlikely to have read- and I include myself in this):

We have to draw a line. It shows an lack of clarity for the MS Society to say that jokes about Asians, LGBT or Jews are forbidden, but jokes about Irish are acceptable.

I understand that some people on the forum are unhappy about this- and that such rules are seen as tiresome.

People are free to private message jokes, tell them to each other on Facebook (which is kinda private). The problem lies in posting a potentially offensive joke, on a public forum, accessible to the worldwide web and under the MS Society brand.

We aim for the MS Society forum to be seen as a welcoming, friendly, supportive place to all. If one person, who is new to the forums feels intimidated, upset or offended by a joke/comment on the forum, then we have failed as an organisation and as a community.

I hope you understand and will work with me on this. As you know these forums are a brilliant space of support, information and shared understanding. It would serve us all best if we could keep them that way.

Best wishes

Stewart (admin)


Thanks for clearing that up Stewart,

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Understood. Thanks.

Point taken, thanks Stewart.

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Ok Stewart, understood. You’re still my number one for the mistletoe :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that, it’s good to have things clarified.

Jan x

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Fair enough, thanks for that.