***Irish Christmas***Contains Irish nuts***

Paddy says to Mick, “Christmas is on a Friday this year”…
Mick says "Let’s hope it’s not the 13th…

Ellen was rightly commenting on her objection to your racist ‘joke’, of course she won’t be ‘delighted’ that this has dragged up memories that you tried to bury, how was she to know that you were bullied as a child and a teacher scratched your arm?

{Edited]. She has every right to post an objection to a racist joke.


Please feel free to report me at any time.

I suppose you think I was one of those bullies, well you’d be wrong.

I was bullied by other kids & I hated school because of it.

Would you believe I even came home from infant school with marks on my upper arm made by a particular teacher, a Mrs Latimer, her nails had dug in so hard she had broken the skin. I’d done nothing wrong…she was a bully, she did do other things, but that was the worse one & of course an injury.

I had to learn to laugh at myself, a form of defence I suppose.

I post jokes on here to amuse people, not upset them, but people like you choose to judge me only by the way you have decided I am. The people who really do know me, know different.

One of my very close friends is seeing a chinese guy & some of the others are, as they have already said either Irish, Jewish, ginger ect or a combination…they have the right to be offended, but they are not, they are defending me, does that count for nothing.

There is a Dad’s army film on as I type this, would you ban it because Mr Jones goes on about ‘fuzzy wuzzies’?

I’m sure you will be delighted that you have dragged up the memories I try to bury, i’m also sure that thought will please you, why do I think that…[Edited by Moderator]

In future please confine yourself to reporting me if you have a problem, the mods always say that we should do that, let them decide.


I did wonder how long it would take you.

We have very close friends in Belfast & of all shades, I don’t call everyone ‘black’.


I think this has gone far enough and I do not think Ellen is a vicious stirring trouble maker. She is expressing her opinion, which incidentally I happen to agree with.

I could say, Hazel, ‘if you don’t like the reaction then don’t make the posts in the first place’ but that does have a familiar ring to it…

Please report this if you feel so inclined.

Very good Hazel lol

Isn’t it a week Tuesday,provided the Mayans were talking -ollocks?

Wb x

My sons keep saying the world is going to end on Friday - I hope the Mayans were wrong as I’ve got all these Christmas presents… Teresa xx

What I find truly baffling is that those who believe the world is going to end next week have been borrowing money, to fund panic buying. If I believed (which I don’t) that the world was about to end, I’d think: “Oh well, no point bothering with the shopping, then…”

Why do you need food nobody will survive to eat?


Good point about panic buying,but what about borrowing money,blowing the lot then blaming the media et al in the Bankruptcy Court. "They brain-washed me your Honour,they was so convincing

Actually the way they used to lend money it might just work in Europe.


Why Irish jokes?, not happy!!, in fact insulted:-(

Ask Oliver Cromwell

No offence was meant, you are welcome to put English jokes on or better still Scottish, I can laugh at my husband then.

If you are offended…complain, report the post, or best still don’t read jokes with Irish in the title!

Happy Christmas

I’m Irish and grow up with paddy the Irish man jokes thats what the are jokes

Hazels a good buddy and there’s no harm meant in anything she ever said

Great joke by the way Hazel xx

Well said Mark…I was wondering how a ‘Racism Row’ would look on this most holy of days,but you’ve de-fused the situation very well.Steady hands obviously.

I’m a quarter Oirish.That’ll be the ginga hair,immune system more than a quarter of my damaged brain and love of the language…Wittier and smuttier the better.

No choc choc until you’ve got all the veggies off your plate…I never said how, or where to.

Wb, with tinsel…same as listen and inlets

Thank you boys……your a pair of ANGLES!

WB the 1/4 explains why you wobble…in my case today, the cherry brandy & a hole botle of Baily’s explains mine…soooooooooooo apart from ‘angles’ any smelling minstakes should be forgiven.

Happy Hicmas & a Happy New Year to all those who tolerate me…xxxxxxxx

You are very welcome H,and as for tolerate you…You’re like a piece of the furniture,like a…I’m going to get a slap whatever,so “Gob shut Ginga”.

S xx

Thank you ‘Ginga Ninga’…great you’ve opened the door for me to have a go at Ginga’s now…any ginger Irish out there at all!

Where would you like your slap sir…shut up H he’s a perv, don’t make him worse…


On line


Mark your an angle!