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Hello everyone

I have posted something similar like this before but I thought I would refresh again for those interested. Is there any MS sufferers who do any form of martial arts? I have been doing taekwondo for nearly a year and I love it, it is great for improving your balance and flexibility as there is a lot of stretching and I really find it very beneficial for me personally, I would highly recommend it, I have also done BJJ(brazilian jiu jitsu) before and it is great also, i have’nt done BJJ in over a year but I plan to go back soon, I am interested to hear of anyone who has MS and does any martial arts training and if/how it helps them? I also find it good from a mental standpoint aswell,



Is there any Martial Art for wheelchair users , can move my arms ok, but fall over if I stand up, although I can balance using 2 sticks,also Can give a good Head butt if needed.

Meditation I can do very well find this gives me a strong mental state of mind.



If you can move your legs at all BJJ maybe, its ground grappling with wrestling and submissions, it is all ground fighting but you do need to use your legs,arms and hips alot, thats all I can think off, hope this helps in some way

Hi I do Tai Chi and Qigong. I’m doing these to strengthen my arms, strengthen my core body, reduce anxiety and improve balance. Tai chi is a soft martial art and I have done it seated before.

This instructor seems very good.

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I started taekwondo after my diagnosis and got up to 3rd kup but had to stop when I got pregnant with my now 7 month old and after having lots of relapses during pregnancy I now can’t do it which really annoys me as I loved it and like you say its great for balance and flexibility. I will go back and try a class again some time to see how I get on but I know even the warm up will wipe me out!

I tried a jiu jitsu class once but all the rolling about made me so dizzy I was as white as a sheet after it and so sick I never went back :-s

I forgot to add there are two sides to Tai Chi. Learning the forms for a meditative,relaxing practice and learning the forms for fighting. Many people are unaware Tai Chi has the fighting side. They are the same forms being leant, when the forms are used for fighting they might be be less extended.

you should go back if you are a 3rd kup as you are nearing a black belt which is a great achievement especially for someone who is ill, I am only 8th kup and have my grading tonight, hope you and your kid are doing well

5th Kup Taekwondo - training for my 4th Kup. Love everything (well OK - not everything - jumping is not so good) about TKD.

At the start of the long haul to diagnosis I had to take 8 months out whilst x-rays, mris etc. were done to rule out prolapsed disc/nerve compression in my neck; absolute torture sitting and watching TKD training every week for 8 months! I’m pretty sure Neuro’s don’t expect “That’s great! When can I get back to Taekwondo training?” as a response to “We think you have multiple sclerosis”.

Working on balance not only when standing still but when on the move, changing direction, turning, spinning moves etc. Core strength exercises, flexibility - we had a really good stretching session at the end of training last night - and mental awareness, concentration, agility even - learning and performing the various patterns (especially when you start at your highest pattern work down to the white belt exercises and then back up through the patterns to your highest again - brain overload! But in a good way).

The overall discipline of TKD is something that I thoroughly enjoy - finding a group of people who practice mindfulness meditation (perhaps without even realising they are doing so), the time spent performing the patterns when nothing else is of importance, all other thoughts put to one side and just focusing on the breathing, tension and relaxation of the movements.

Did I mention - I love Taekwondo :wink:


That was my goal and I will try at some point. Now I’m back on tysabri I’m hoping my body will have a chance to recover a bit.

Good luck with your grading tonight Won yho if I remember correctly? I really do want to get back into it cos I miss it so much & was training at least 3 times a week and one point and competing in tournaments

Lol Theresa. TKD peeps unite!!

Good luck with your grading tonight McFee - remember that all the punches in Dan Gun are high section (your eye level). I’m sure you’ll pass with no problem at all.

Thanks guys, I have no problem with my pattern, I am confident on the theory aswell, where yous from and what affiliation of TKD are yous apart off?

Dan gun! 18 months out and I’ve forgotten alot.

How was your grading?

I’m in Hampshire & with the TAGB. How about you?

Grading was good, had no problem at all, from newry northern ireland ace TKD under grand master paul cutler

Well done on the Grading McFee - and on to Do San!

I train in Bristol with Ms L Reeve 4th Degree - gradings are conducted by Master Gayle. PUMA (Professional Unification of Martial Arts).

positive attitude and staying active along with doing Choi Kwang Do for 14 yrs

Like Lenney I do tai chi. Its slower and supposed to help balance, posture and concentration (all stuff we could do with, eh?)

After doing it for a year, I did feel balance improved and whoever said the stretching helps, that also helping with creaky joints. Had to give it up for 6 mths, due to moving house and training for home dialysis. Now just trying to ease myself back in. The present instructor (new to me) is very fond of telling us how the moves oringinated…

monks fighting armed soldiers and aiming for the gonads is the one that sticks in the mind!!