Sport and competing

Hi all,

first time I have started a thread so I hope I have done it correctly,

I would like to compete in some form of sport ( over the last few years I have been pretty stagnant), I live in the Black Country in the West Midlands, can any body recommend any groups, I have spent over 35 years in the martial arts world, practising teaching and competing at national and international levels, I have tried to return a few times to my preferred art but its not been very successful and left me feeling quite low, any recommendations would be greatly received.

I have all of the main MS issues ( balance, blurred eyesight ,weakness on my left side inability to grip with my left hand, pain and spasticity in my legs and so on, oh and continence issues).

Thank you all for any group suggestions.

Full contact watercolour painting. And don’t wear light coloured trousers.

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AD you’re being a tad naughty again!

fugazi - would you be able to teach what you know about martial arts.

you have the experience and the belts.

good luck

Fugazi, I was wondering whether you’d considered Tai Chi, I’m pretty ignorant about it but there appears to be quite a few Tai Chi training and activity centres around your neck of the woods. You may find it a bit of a come down but on the positive side you seem to have an awful lot to offer with your determination and previous dedication plus you may find it also helps you and your condition. Just a thought - oh and please ignore cheeky AD unless of course you wish to practice some martial arts on him and if you do please send us all an invite!!!

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Hi all, thanks for the replies, I have looked into the Tai Chi option and it does interest me as I would love to improve my balance, fortunately, I own a black gi as well as well as white so AD’s concerns would be fully addressed. I have just started an exercise trail with Birmingham university on the positive effects of exercise on MS, its a 12 week trail, during which Im not allowed to deviate from the prescribed program, after which Im looking in to the possibility of starting a local group which could be Ju Jitsui based in its content, a friend of mine was integral to the disabled Karate Federation , I would be calling on his knowledge to assist in setting up, though rather than being a Martial Arts class I want it to focus on well being and fun as one of the things I miss is the social aspect of being in a group trying to keep fit. If I was to set up a group It would be associated with a recognised body ( such as the DKF or World Ju Jitsu association etc). I have taught disabled/autistic pupils in the past albeit pre illness and I do appear to have an aptitude for it. Though to be honest I just wanted to slip in to a group, but if there isn’t one why not start one ?

Excellent news, sure you’ll keep the Forum updated - you never know some may wish to join you. Wonder whether Birmingham uni will publish their results, it would be great if they do.

I believe that the study is an international one, I will ask if and when will they go public with the results next time I have to see them.

So for the late follow up on the above, have been quite unwell, unfortunately I was too unwell to take part in the study and I was taken off it

Oh no, what a shame you must be so disappointed. Hopefully, things have improved for you health wise so you can follow your fitness dream. Folks are out there waiting for someone like you with your skills to guide them.

Take care

Tippy x

Thanks Tippy,

feeling much better thanks, ( actually thought it was checkout time ), how melodramatic of me, I have a few friends left in the Ju Jitsu world who want to help but the fatigue is a bit of an arse.

So, so glad you’re feeling better. All the MSers will agree 100% about fatigue. Wonder whether if you planned a snooze/flop time just before some Ju Jitsu/Tai Chi you’d be able to complete a trial session especially if your pals were there. Perversely they do say that exercise helps. I’m a fine one to talk … fatigue means snooze then cuppa for me with any exertion first thing in the morning!! There’s a gym just round the corner from me, went in for a very positive chat but ashamed to say that I haven’t been back.

Tempted to issue a challenge - if you can/will - I will!!

Tippy xl

Hi Tippy,

Have taken up dog walking and dieting at the moment, we’ll its a start, looking at getting a stand for my bike, I still have some good leg strength, I just fall over and trip up ( a lot), so I should be able to use my bike , just static.