exercise, martial arts ect

Hey all, I have posted about this topic before but I would like to hear from everyone again, has anyone found that doing exercise, sports or any activity helpful, I do the martial art of taekwondo and it is great for balance and stretching, also swimming and other exercises are great, does anyone do any of the above and if so does it help


Hi, I don’t do martial arts but find exercise really helps me I can feel alful but when I even just take the dogs for 30 minutes walk I feel so much better aferwards, I do Taichi which is great for your balance and try to do yoga everyday also try to horse ride every week,I am thinking about starting dancing ( breton) again, I live in brittany france, have fun with all your exercise.


Hi I do yoga twice a day, not for very long though. I was feeling very tired after lunch today and I had physio at the hospital. I went on the exercise bike for 5 mins at a steady pace. Then a few balancing exercises and walked home after which took 20 mins mostly downhill.

Arrived home and felt good, refreshed and fatigue gone. I’m thinking of doing five mins warm up of keep fit every morning to music at home.

i play hockey, wrestle the dog and lift weights.

basically i try to enjoy everything i can, whilst i can, to as great an extent as possible.

I found these free to watch exercise videos by the MS Society with Sally Gunnell. I think there are four or five short videos available to watch online.

In complete agreement with Lenny +Paolo, try anything that’s possible while I still can! +go swimming every morning + do aqua + either walk or pref. ride my bike. The main problem with riding my bike is, can only do it in daylight (the days are getting longer! :-))), but have a tendency to get lost as my sense of direction has gone :-(.