Mark Lawn Bradford City My Hero

I hope I’ve got his name right…he was being interviewed live over a phone link on BBC Breakfast about how well his team are doing when he had to cut short the interview because his disabled wife needed help getting out of a lift. It’s nice to know some people in football get their priorities right

Jan x


It was one of those moments that make you realise there are more important things in life. I wasn’t really listening but the gist of the story is that Bradford are doing really well in the cup and this guy suddenly started to have a three way conversation while on the phone to the studio live, he then cut short the interview as his disabled wife needed assistance. He came beck on the line a few minutes later to finish the interview. There’s more to life that football for this man.

Jan x

I saw it too with my hubby and he shouted “good for you Mark”. What a lovely chap.

You could hear his wife in the background asking if he could lift her and he said to the chap interviewing him that he had to go to his wife and could he call him back. Wonderful!!

Shazzie xx

I saw that too. What a lovely guy, he had such a calm voice.

Great interview too


Mark lawn is a superb bloke, leading my beloved Bradford City from the board room.

he is a down to earth bloke who has been great for the club.

we have now beaten 2 premier league teams in a row and are just 1 match away from another Wembley trip.

Come on City :slight_smile:

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I’m supporting your team all the way, and hopefully you will get tv coverage leading to more money for the club…listen to me you’d think I knew what I was talking about

Jan x

Yah sounded so convincing…then yah give yourself away

Of course, I know all there is to know about football…not!


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