Marina (progesterone) coil and Modafinil (Provigil)...ladies stuff...

Hi all.

After a year of heavy bleeding, I had a scan which showed large fibroids. My GP said that because I was near the menopause anyway (I'm 47), it was pointless having them removed as they may just grow back and in August I had a Marina coil put in to hopefully hold them at bay or shrink them.

It doesn't seem to have made any difference so far and when reading up about Modafinil there was a note saying that it could negate the effectiveness of contraceptives and I wondered if anyone else has had this problem?

I'm seeing my neuro in a few weeks and was thinking of raising the subject but the appointments always seem to be so rushed and there is a lot of other stuff I want to talk to him about too...

Many thanks,

Mags :-)




According to this, modafinil can affect how the mirena coil works:

Karen x

Thanks Karen. I shall have a word when I see him (which I just realised is next week - yay!). happy2xx

heya..I tried the same coil for heavy painful periods..and they didnt check my womb before putting it Its heart shaped so the coil couldnt stay put and got stuck in my cervix for several days before coming out..ouch!  In the end I went for laser oblation of my periods since 2005..yay and many of my pmt symptoms have gone too..


My friend had fibroisds one of which was huge and pressing on her bladder, causing bladder the end she had a hysterectomy..and is much happier as a result.. I think its worth mentioning to your neuro..and you know dont feel may aswel make the most of the time at your appt..and am sure that everone has things they need and want to ask..


Ouch indeed Scoobie! scaredGlad you are all sorted now though (must be wonderful to have no periods!). happy2

I'm going to take a list and try not to let him rush me, wish me luck! 

Mags xx

lol it was ouch indeed...most unpleasant ..its amazing to be free of them..I used to bleed for up to 15 days..then if I was lucky 10 days off and it woudl start

yes do..good luck..x